Posted February 2, 2009 2:16 pm by with 6 comments

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If you’re trying to launch a new service or get some blog buzz for your new start-up, offers a transparent solution for buying some eyeballs.

The paid review site has just made it easier for advertisers to vary the links and anchor text used by publishers with the launch of LinkSets.

SponsoredReviews’ LinkSet system will automatically rotate through all of the defined LinkSets for a review and assign them to bloggers as the advertiser purchases reviews. They give a couple of examples of how this can work:

For Example: If you have 12 different URL’s on your website that you would like to build links to, you could define those 12 URL’s in our LinkSets and have the system automatically assign those links to bloggers as you purchase reviews.

Example 2: If you want to build a bunch of Links to the Same URL, but want to use different Link Text, you could use LinkSets to automatically do that for you.

SponsoredReviews has over 23,000 registered bloggers, all of which are required to disclose paid reviews and are not required to only say nice things.

Speaking of disclosure; is an advertiser on Marketing Pilgrim but this actual post is not sponsored.