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So, what did you think of this year’s Super Bowl TV ads? I personally thought they missed the mark compared to previous years, but I did laugh out loud at one ad.

Yes, I admit to LMAO at the E*Trade Baby ad that featured the investing baby trash-talking the older golf player.

Grey New York is the ad agency behind the TV ad, and they were on the ball. Not only did they ensure there were companion Facebook and Twitter profiles, but the agency ensured E*Trade’s ads were immediately up on YouTube–and even sent out a media advisory before the Super Bowl ended.

I’m sure we’ll hear lots of stats about the success of various Super Bowl ads, but you can kick things off by telling me which ad you enjoyed the most.

  • @Andy – Solid pick. I was actually working throughout the entire game so I didn’t get to catch them all, but from what I saw I liked the Doritos snow globe commercial, and I liked the Bridgestone Taters commercial. This one is solid too, I had missed it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Mary C

    I’m with you, I laughed at the E-Trade ones.. both of the baby ones..

    Otherwise, they were mostly duds… and the Career Builder where if you hated to go to work one.. was the worst commercial of all times.. it was not funny, it was irritating… I wanted to scream by the time the stupid commerical got done… hope they didn’t pay big bucks for that one!

  • I didn’t get to see too many – maybe 5 at most. The one you picked, I didn’t see but it’s hilarious. I liked the Clydesdale carrying the stick…but I didn’t see the whole commercial so..

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  • Some really funny ads. The dorito one where he threw the snow globe through the snack machine had us all laughing,

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  • That kid is tooo cute, but the ad really looks to be CGI thanks to the heavy voice of the kid.

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  • Emilie B

    This year I thoroughly enjoyed a commercial that wasn’t necessarily comical, but extremely clever, creative, and well done. Every Super Bowl (and every day for that matter) I feel that commercial makers strive to only be funny. The Coca-Cola commercial with the lady bug who in concert with grasshoppers, butterflies, and all sorts of wildlife conjured a plan to commandere a bottle of coke was my favorite.
    2nd row, 2nd column

  • No superbowl adverts for any of us here in snowy UK 🙁

  • This website has a good list of all the commercials from all the past super bowls:

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  • Down here in South Africa we don’t get to watch the superbowl, nor the ads, but I do have to say that the web-savvy of Grey New York is impressive indeed!

  • I liked the CareerBuilder ad the best. I was also a fan of Doritos and Coke. All around fun game, and fun ads this year!

  • Yeah Andy that is pretty funny. I was in Canada during the Super Bowl and so our ads were different… But I did go over to Yahoo and I to watch their “best of super bowl ads” video page that they put together.

    I didn’t see that one, dang I wish I was home… I was so looking forward to them. lol

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