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Speaking of gold mines, Twitter is sitting on a huge one–if it could just figure out how to refine it into something we’d buy.

New stats from Pew Internet suggest that 20% of 25 to 34 year olds online have used Twitter, with those 18 to 24 only 1 point behind (19%). While that number drops off to just 2% by the time you get to adults over 65, 11% of the total US online US population have used the micro-blogging service.

Other interesting stats:

  • 27% of bloggers use Twitter
  • 35% of city-dwellers use Twitter
  • 76% of Twitter users use the internet wirelessly
  • Only 10% of those earning more than $75,000 use Twitter, while 17% of those making less than $30k use the service.

No data on how many people have ever seen a FAIL Whale, but we suspect it’s in the upper 90’s. 😉

UPDATE: Twitter just announced new funding to help it figure out a revenue model.

  • Brandon – Star Wp Themes

    Twitter is just growing in popularity as more people know about. The concept is so simple but very effective. I’m interested to see twitters revenue generating model when it is released.

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  • Travis Campbell


    Interesting stats indeed.

    I recently ran across a post with stats as well (Ok, I admit, I like numbers a little) and if these stats are true than twitter has a considerable uphill climb. Another article in Dec08 suggests it will take Twitter 36 years to catch up, Be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

    (sorry for all the links Andy, remove them as needed).

    Travis Campbell’s last blog post..2 Internet Marketing Acronyms You Must Know

  • Pictures of Moscow

    Twitter is a maddening thing. Its popularity is growing as the avalanche

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    Eventough i’m not from us, i love twitter coz it easy and unique social networking.’s last blog post..Active Desktop Calendar 7.7

  • Dario Vignali


    Dario Vignali’s last blog post..Di: GDI: Trovare più affiliati Internet Business Experience

  • Dan London

    The amount of people using the service is pretty amazing…

    I am waiting for them to figure out a business model…

    Dan London’s last blog post..2009 NHL Trade Deadline

  • Darren Tan

    I don’t really know why so many people are using Twitter? As a medium to express themselves? If the characters allowed are more than 140, i bet Twitter would need a bigger server to host it.

    Business model? It’s time to get creative… Perhaps a merchandise store? Just a suggestion..

    Darren Tan’s last blog post..Music Review: ?Twenty One? by Mystery Jets

  • Student Web Design

    I’ve just recently started using twitter and find it to be extremely addictive.
    In fact I’ve just tweeted this post.

  • Amitabh Dixit

    I had used twitter several times and i knew that one day it will surely reach to the topmost heights.
    It is very nice site and very useful.

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