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On the tail of the Oscars this weekend comes a story from the NY Times. I have read it several timeskutcher because I can’t get over the possibilities. The possibilities of what you ask? There is a new trend apparently starting to surface where celebrities are using Twitter to connect with fans and the mind races with what that could produce. Let’s look at this and then put the collective brilliance of you Pilgrims to work.

According to the article

In addition to being a staple for rapid-fire communication among technophiles and a networking tool for tech-savvy companies, Twitter is swiftly being adopted by celebrities who see it as a way to give the public a controlled peephole into their otherwise highly private lives.

Examples that have been seen are Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (or Mrs. Kutcher as she is known on Twitter). While an innocent example, just the idea of Ms. Moore going the Mrs. Kutcher route which is not her public persona is a glimpse into what might be causing publicists all around Hollywood to cringe and maybe even pray that their clients won’t do this at all. The speed of a ‘get to know me’ statement to ‘start the spin control!’ can be a split second.

Other celebs that have been taking advantage of Twitter include Shaquille O’Neal and Lance Armstrong. Armstrong even used Twitter to help Sacramento police track down a bike that had been stolen from him. He let his followers know about the incident and sent them a picture of the bike and a week later it was recovered.

While that is the fun and productive side there is the potential for who knows what. Josh Bernoff, the author of Groundswell says

“It’s not that surprising celebrities are making the leap from blogs to using Twitter,” Mr. Bernoff said. It also doesn’t either hurt that celebrities tend to thrive on attention, he said.

Where the infiltration of celebrities on a platform such as Twitter gets interesting, he said, is what happens when celebrities sidestep their publicists and begin communicating directly with fans. “Are we going to find out that Angelina Jolie isn’t a good writer?” Mr. Bernoff mused. It’s a whole “new level of engagement,” he said.

So let’s imagine what might happen. What handles would some of these folks try to use? If @ARod is not available for Alex Rodriguez would he go with @Aroid (both are taken by the way)? Could a tweet look like ‘@AlexRodriguez Wow. These press guys want to know the truth. What up with that?’ Let’s put our Pilgrim imaginations to work and tell us what you envision might be seen in the Twitterverse in the near future from the think tank of great ideas that is the world of celebrity.

  • Ryan Stephens

    I have no problems with celebrities on Twitter, especially if they’re being authentic and providing value and interesting tweets the way @The_Real_Shaq and @aplusk are, but I think that the vast majority of celebs will still use them to post stuff you’d see in a press release. This is unfortunate because Ev and Biz are promoting the celebs as “suggested users” and they’re going to garner a lot of social capital and push people that are providing real value down the list of influencers.

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  • People talk

    There are plenty of fake celeb accounts in such services, so the biggest problem would be authenticity of published information.

    People talk’s last blog post..Megan Fox free and single – boyfriend gone

  • Frank Reed

    @ People talk Excellent point. SO the next question is what are these celebrities doing for online reputation monitoring in these cases? Andy – Do you want to chime in?

    @ Ryan Stephens – Twitter doe shave considerable influence in determining the popularity but as addressed in a an MP post here yesterday I think that people will still find the right group rather than just a large group regardless of their popularity. Thanks for checking in

    Frank Reed’s last blog post..Free Internet Marketing Education Series from Frank Thinking, Inc.

  • Dr Larry Myers

    I have been researching twitter & find it a dramatic phenomenon!
    My play “Twitter Theater” wil be opening soon in Manhattan. I use twitter to have my playwriting students learn to be concise. When I teach the first words out of my mouth are “cut”! Of course there are humanitarian stories drifting in Lance Armstrong’s stolen bike found..Ashton Kutcher creates a support system on line for a heart patient..
    then there’s the trivia
    what Terry Moran had for breakfast what size shoe David Gregory is trying on..
    well Oscar Wilde said, “those who fear superficilaity are superficial themselves”
    Younger people are impatient as so much of the world has proven to be mendacious to them–this is a Morse code venting mechanism for their angst

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  • John D Varlaro

    I call it ‘Celebrity Endorsed Stalking,’ or ‘6 Degrees of Tweeteration’ in my article:

  • John D Varlaro

    Sorry, the link to ‘Twitter: Celebrity Endorsed Stalking’ was broken, please use this link instead,

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