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Carol Bartz continues to shake up Yahoo! just 6 weeks into the role of CEO. The yahoo-logoWSJ reports that this week could hold the announcement of significant managerial changes that will result in a more top down management style. The impact will be significant for sure especially since the organization is still trying to implement the changes made by Susan Decker and Jerry Yang (remember him?) last year.

At least Yahoo keeps things interesting. As I read the article and saw the changes that are being talked about (remember there has been no official announcement) I was a bit amazed at what wasn’t being done at the company presently.

Some of the proposed changes include ways to speed up decisions and make the appearance of Yahoo! more uniform. When you hear that something as basic as this can only come about through change you have to wonder just how broken Yahoo! is. Some of the changes would put someone (WSJ tags Hilary Schneider) in charge of North America. Along those lines the European, Asian and emerging markets divisions would come under the control of one person as well. I guess my question here is that up until now the company has treated these disparate operations under one roof. I have to think that the issues critical to Asia may be a bit different than North America. While it seems good to move in this direction you have to again wonder what was going on before Bartz came on board.

Still being discussed is the future of the search business. While there are no immediate plans it is well known that this area falls under the heading of considering all options. Yahoo’s search business is still getting its clock cleaned by Google and unless there is improvement it could be put on the block.

She has already put the brakes on the rollout of a new home page. There will be a more deliberate approach to this change which seemed to be on a fast track to completion. Other cultural changes include leaving the Blackberrys at the desk during meetings and taking the direct approach of meeting with employees and asking them what they would do if they were her. With this approach you have to think that there are more than a few nervous Yahoo long time employees that wonder if what she would do includes keeping them on board.

Isn’t change wonderful?

  • It reminds me of the Carolina Hurricanes. 3 years ago coach Laviolette wins us the Stanley Cup. A few months back he gets fired and our old coach–who didn’t win the Stanley Cup–comes back to take over. Sometimes management believes things should be changed simply to shake things up. Maybe that’s what Bartz has in mind.

  • Changes must to survive in competition & bring best. Yahoo/MSN buying storm the world & now the new CEO set to for another storm from Yahoo, a Search Engine Giant, I think some useful changes would bring yahoos old days back.

    Wish You Best Of Luck Yahoo!