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Bloody brilliant!

A new report suggests that Yahoo is head and shoulders above Google in one key area and it happens to be a product that the struggling web company won’t release to the general public!

According to an email received from CMS Watch, Yahoo! Web Analytics outshines Google Analytics in many ways:

  • Better access control options and simpler approach to multi-site analytics
  • Larger default monthly page-view limits (200MM vs. 5MM – unless you have an active AdWords campaign)
  • Access to traffic data: Both vendors retain the right to hold and use your web analytics data for their own purposes, but only Yahoo! gives you the ability to export out your raw, unaggregated data
  • Longer historical availability of raw data

All that butt-kicking-awesomeness and all you get when you visit the site is a "Sign up here to receive updates" form. You can’t actually set up an account (except for a small minority).

It’s been 10 months since Yahoo acquired IndexTools. Surely that’s enough time to tweak what was already a great analytics package, and set it free!

The 470-page Web Analytics Report 2009 compares the offering of numerous vendors and you can purchase it here.

  • I’ve been using IndexTools for years for countless sites. It’s no surprise to me that Yahoo! Web Analytics has been picked out as the best tool. The key points in the post really don’t do it justice, though. The reason YWA is so much better is the depth, control and flexibility. You can drill-down ’till your blue in the face, have filters pouring out your eyes and the best… campaign and action tracking. Google doesn’t come close.

    Philip John’s last blog post..Disabling Vista’s “Cancel or Allow” Thingymajig

  • @Philip – I remember using IndexTools for a while and it was a solid product. I wish Yahoo would hurry up and open it back up so everyone can try it.

  • Interesting. I’d never heard of this product but half-wondered and half-assumed Yahoo had one. Glad to see they do, but after clicking over there, I see it’s only open to advertisers and related partners, and in spurts at that. I’m not interested in “leaving my name and email address” for updates; I’d rather sign up.

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  • I like the excitement! All I can say is….patience. 🙂

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  • Richard

    Google Analytics is great, sites should take advantage of leveraging user behavior metrics, our company started using http://mixpanel

  • Richard

    Google Analytics is great, sites should take advantage of leveraging user behavior metrics, our company started using

  • What about the speed of update? I hate how you have to wait a whole day for Google Analytics to update, which is why I use a server side PHP script. How soon does the Yahoo one update?

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  • @Artem My favourite Yahoo report is the Last Visitor Details. It shows individual visitors and is almost real time. In fact, I quite often test sites and then immediately go to that report to make sure that each individual page is tracked properly, just seconds after I’ve been on the pages.

    Philip John’s last blog post..Disabling Vista’s “Cancel or Allow” Thingymajig

  • Yahoo also gives more accurate SEO stats for websites. So the backend stuff generally seems better, just the engine itself isn’t popular. It woulds be nice if they made their Web Analytics available to the masses, as it might lead to more people appreciating them for what they are and supporting their product more.

  • I hope this is available to the general public soon. It doesn’t really surprise me that it’s better. You have to use this Firefox plugin just to see historical link graphs in Google Analytics.

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  • This really needs to be dropped sometime soon. I like analytics, but I felt that it was missing alot of core things, especially having to wait a day to get the previous days information. Yahoo release this please, we all love statistics and would like to nit pick down the most single impression 🙂

  • Do most people really need this application? No, Analytics works just fine 🙂 So if Yahoo got a better product it’s a really really bad idea for them not to release it.

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  • Both the Yahoo! and the Google Analytics are important tools for any business owner. These tools should always be there and ready to be used.

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