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Google is introducing new and improved expandable ads to AdSense. In an attempt to breathe life into a expandable_adfaltering advertising environment Google now allows expandable ads to be used but not in the way that makes most users want to eliminate them all together.

Over at VentureBeat there is a quick synopsis of this new Google attempt at making money off their core business. Who can blame them? As soon as I read the article which reminded me of the ridiculously annoying ads that show up on some sites (ESPN was a prime offender at one point) I figured that even Google had jumped the shark.

Not the case though because these ads will only expand if clicked on so while not ideal because you are still another click away from your destination at least they don’t show up and make it impossible to read anything.  The same CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression) model is in play.

The Google AdSense blog clearly outlines the details of this offering and makes it obvious that they are looking to make these more ‘visible’ ad options as unobnoxious as possible. One of the biggest concerns of publishers will be the impact on the user experience of their readers. Google takes that head on saying

In order to protect the publisher and user experience, we’ve created several policies around how expandable ads work:

  • Ads will expand only after a user clicks and interacts with the ad. Mouseovers or rollovers won’t trigger the ad, in order to prevent accidental expansions.
  • An expandable ad won’t expand more than double its width or height.
  • Once expanded, the ad will appear as a layer over the page content so that your content will not be modified or shifted in any way.
  • The user may close the expanded panel at any time.
  • All expandable ads must comply with our standard AdWords image ad policies.

So Google is just like everyone else in this day and age. They are willing to try whatever it takes to expand (pun intended) and develop their core business. If this were about anyone but Google this wouldn’t be news now would it? Will this work? As with everything else in this crazy world only time will tell and even then it may mumble.