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Inside Facebook regularly examines user demographics on the world’s most popular social network. The graying of Facebook trend continues, they report, with women over 55 constituting the fastest-growing demographic, while the number of active users over the age of 35 nearly doubled in the last two months.

However, despite this growth, the largest single demographic on Facebook is still the 18-25 age bracket (where I fall for one more week. Sigh.), which constitutes 35% of Facebook’s overall membership.


However, this graph obviously shows positive skew: just over half of Facebook members are past the college years (at least, I hope you’re done with your undergrad by the time you’re 26).

The graph of growth over the last 6 months (by percentage), however, is skewed almost exactly opposite. (Of course, since this is shown as a percentage, it may not be all that surprising: it’s a lot easier for a group of 50 to see 400% growth than it is for a group of 500: the group of 50 needs 200 new members, versus 2000 for the group of 500.)


[PSA: I’m not implying that people over the age of 55 or even 35 are, in fact, “gray” or “gray-haired.” Thank you.]

What trends have you seen in Facebook membership? Have you noticed any changes in the last six months? Will this affect how you see or use the social network, either as a member or as a marketer?


  • I wonder how much of this is due to the founder of Facebook’s appearance on Oprah. I am guessing quite a bit.

  • I don’t think so. He appeared on Oprah 12 days before the data was collected; the data spans the last 60 – 180 days.

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  • Well, this isn’t really surprising. Many College students and recent graduates have been on the site for years already, as it was at one point exclusive to them. Other people around those ages learned about it and as soon as it opened to everyone, they ditched Myspace and flooded in.

    In other words, there has been a smaller increase in younger people joining because they’ve been members for a while already.

  • What surprised me was that women outnumbered men in every age category. Why do you think that is? I have to agree with the last post by Erica, I’ve been a member for years but now I’m reaching the new age bracket.

  • I think that women outnumber men simply because women in general are more interested in socializing!

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  • Can you say “parents stalking their children”? lol

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