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Google has been making quite a few changes as of late. They have been halting development or simply analytics-scrren-shotending projects like Google Notebook, Google Video and Google Catalog Search to name a few. All of these moves are perceived as efforts to contain costs and be frugal with the pile of Google cash that they have been collecting for years now.

It’s hard to argue with the effort. While Google has given its employees plenty of company time to explore new ideas they may now be putting that brain power to work to strengthen the existing tool set. Evidence of this is the announcement of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). Analytics is one of the most popular and powerful offerings that the search leader offers to further put their hooks in their customers. It only makes sense that the better the understanding of this important tool would help Internet marketers and Google alike.

The press release by Google states

The Google Analytics IQ program is tailored for agencies who want to retain and develop employees who are knowledgeable about Web analytics, and for individuals who seek ways to improve their job prospects or further their own personal development. Individuals do not have to be associated with an agency or organization to take the online course or test.

A study from Forrester research in September of 2008 also tells the story that although outside consultants are valuable in helping companies further understand web analytics there is a need for staff to be better educated to lead internal efforts.

It will be interesting to see how this program is received. The vast majority of Internet marketers are not up to speed with analytics and barely have time to keep up with the nuances of SEO and paid search. Of course, if you can learn enough to pass the test then it’s another badge for your website that says you’re an expert. Just what we need in this industry …. more ‘experts’.

  • Yup… just what we needed even more “experts”. Worst part is that just about anyone can pass the test muddying the waters even more.

    Then again, perhaps that is what Google are wanting to do now? Fight good SEO by making sure everyone can call themselves SEO experts?

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  • this what I make me love to Google day by day.they attract more consumer with giving more tools for free not just to someone who invest there money to the Adwords.but also to anyone who like to study how Google do “to respect website optimization technique”with analytic.event someone who is far away from internet marketing “will start to open there eyes:how Google help “demand and supply from around the world meet together at a single web address Google dot com

  • I see it differently.

    In an interview, you have something (i.e. Google IQ) to back you are up as an “expert” in Google Analytics. That add credibility to your claim.

    Why such negativity about “anyone can pass the test muddying the waters even more” and “Just what we need in this industry …. more ‘experts’.” ?

    You worry that business being taken way from you?

  • K.S. Katz

    There are always going to be folks out there that claim to be the “expert”. This new program isn’t going to change any of that. What it will do is create another opportunity for free learning and possibly motivate folks to learn more about Google Analytics. With marketing budgets being cut, it’s becoming harder and harder to convince upper management to support education initiatives…but no one says no to free.

  • well i think its a good tool for HR people and recruiter tool for screening.
    nice Done

    Thank you Frank

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  • Just because you can work within GA and produce some nice reports doesnt make any better at SEO that is for sure.

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  • Aren’t we all “experts”? So long as people can speak or write, they will have the ability to claim they are experts, even when they are not.

  • Well, considering the fact that most people looking for a professional don’t know the first thing, at least this will be a “qualification tool” for some

  • I took the test. It was very difficult…

  • Dean

    I agree with Robert. Let’s keep people in the dark and encourage them not to learn.

  • I’ve thought about doing the Google Analytics qualifications, how long do they take to complete?

    I understand what you mean when you say …more experts!! but from Google’s point of view maybe they are just trying to speed up the process of analytics being the norm and experts will be truly that. Not having completed these qualifications I don’t know how deep they go but I’m sure there is still a gulf between an IQ qualified professional and an “analytics expert”.


  • Its a welcome move by Google. And many people rely on Google Analytics but poorly understand it. Next, if there are more experts this becomes an area of expertise and specialization and other tools may evolve over a period.

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