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tvGoogle began its foray into television advertising just under two years ago. Last May, they took the program out of beta. And now they’re taking their commercials to YouTube and a website near you!

The new Google TV Ads Online program is rumored to be in testing, according to the Wall Street Journal and CNET. The WSJ reports that:

Google’s director of television ads, Michael Steib, said in an interview that the company is working on technology that allows advertisers to buy ads across Google TV, which sells on-air commercials; YouTube; and video on other Web sites through the the same interface. Google is testing the service, called Google TV Ads Online, with a small group of advertisers, he said. People familiar with the matter say the service — which would leverage Google TV’s targeting technology — is likely to be introduced in the coming months.

Woohoo! Just we need here on MP: commercials!

We interrupt this wonderfully entertaining blog post for a message from our sponsors.

Okay, seriously now. Greg Sterling sees wide appeal for the program—but only for short-short spots (10 seconds). While the program would face technically challenges, Greg points out “conceptually this is the right approach and it should be desirable to marketers who want both reach and targeting.”

What do you think? Are you ready to get into video advertising online with Google?

  • I definitely see the potential in this commercial programming. If it’s anything like their current adwords program, it will finally bring a sense of accountability to commercials. It will also be a great way to test for mass market tv commercials. I’ll be interested to see what kind of costs will be associated with it.

  • The ability for advertisers to segment and deliver relevant video advertising would be a powerful marketing tool.

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  • Interesting concept, but I’m not sure how well this will work. Will users have to click play to watch the video ads? If so it seems likely that the click through rates will be very low – even low than the clicks on facebook ads.

    Interuption advertising works on TV/Radio because viewers/listerners don’t have any choice – the internet gives endless choice so who is going to choose to watch an ad? Will have to be top notch content to get views – but if an ad goes viral this already works well on YouTube etc, so I don’t see what this new programme will delivere to marketers. Or am I totally missing the point?

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  • I am assuming that the video ads will play for the first 10 seconds of every video. I am for advertising if the trade off is that you can post a video longer than 10 minutes! Otherwise…get off my video.


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  • lol… “One stop adshop”
    It’s so true… Google is really making moves and dominating!
    Thanks for the post!


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  • Many online newspapers use this tactic, before the video starts there is a 10 second commercial.Is this what Google is going to do?

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  • I wonder how they’re going to implement metrics and how well they convert at all. Most online marketeers want immediate proven return on investment, not “brand awareness” …

    Anyway, Google Knows Best … 😀

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