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You’re going to hate me.

Hate me, because I managed to get a GrandCentral account before Google acquired the company and stopped issuing new accounts.

Hate me, because as of today, existing GrandCentral customers will be the first to get their hands on the newly launching Google Voice service!

There’s a host of new features being announced, but the one I am most excited about is Voicemail Transcripts. The main reason I use GrandCentral is that all voicemails are emailed to me as audio files that I can play within my browser. Now, I won’t even have to play them because Google will transcribe the audio message for me!

Other new features include:

  • Send, receive, and store SMS
  • Call US numbers for free
  • Low-cost international calls
  • Conference calling

The service is only available to US residents and will initially roll-out to existing GrandCentral users, but I’m sure it won’t be long before everyone can sign-up.

I still use Skype for my actual calls, so I’m keen to test out how well Google Voice competes–maybe I can dump Skype and move one-step closer to my full assimilation by the borg!

Have you tested Google Voice? What do you think of it?

  • Shane Eubanks – Internet Marketing Specialist

    I won’t hate you if you happen to have an invitation for Google Voice to hand out. 😀

    It sounds really cool….looking forward to giving it a spin!


    Shane Eubanks – Internet Marketing Specialist’s last blog post..See Where Shortened URLs Redirect To

  • Hershel Miller

    As long as you have “Data” with you, you’ll be able to fend off a Full assimilation by the Borg.

  • Rebecca Zwar – Social Web Diva

    I don’t *hate* you, I’m just making faces behind your back while you’re not looking! :) I wanted a Grand Central account, but apparently just missed it. I signed up for notifications for when they’re accepting new accounts, and haven’t heard anything yet. Lucky!

    Rebecca Zwar – Social Web Diva’s last blog post..21 social marketing tasks and projects to pass along to your VA

  • Eddie Gear

    Hi there,

    I’ve read some real good information about this product online. I’m looking forward to testing the product sometime soon.

    Eddie Gear

    Eddie Gear’s last blog post..Update: Disclaimer and comment policy

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  • Ste @ / Marketing Bristol

    Ebay wont be liking this news! Who’s going to buy Skype now?

    Ste @ / Marketing Bristol’s last blog post..Redesign for Forward Slash Marketing

  • Teresa Greaves

    Numerous services like this already exist with much more of a robust feature set.

    Services like RingCentral, GotVmail, OneBox, VirtualPBX etc.

    They all offer this and 1000 times more.

    Granted they are paid but they also offer 800 numbers where Google doesn’t.

    All depends on if you view the service for personal use or business.

    If for business I’d definitely go for one of the others…for $10 vs. free you get much more.

    My 2 cents.

  • Listorbit

    Ya skype is going to struggle now. If not then offer.

    Listorbit’s last blog post..listorbit – Email Marketing Solutions.

  • Chris

    No I don’t hate you. What I do hate is that Grand Central never had numbers in my area code. I would like to know if Google Voice will have my area code available.

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  • Buy email lists

    Really very good innovation..

  • rashmi

    great competition for skype! great feature set .I am waiting for it to roll out to everyone.