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It’s still hard to believe that there are people today that do not realize that we live in a radically transparent world where virtually nothing is private.

One such person apparently Tweeted herself out of a nice job at Cisco with this tweet:

Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

So, Cisco–being a TECH COMPANY–has people that use, you know, the web! One such employee, Timmy Levad a channel partner for Cisco, saw the tweet and sent back a reply which I’m sure sent shivers down the spine of the potential new recruit:

@theconnor then apparently set her account to private, closed the window shades, and hid under the bed–hoping it would all just go away. No news yet on whether she still got the job, but you can keep track of the saga here.

(Hat-tip @govisithawaii)

  • That is awesome… and a little scary. Sometimes you do not think about how public everything really is these days. I can say one thing, if I had applied to a job at a technology related company, I wouldn’t have tweeted something so damaging.

    Blake Griffin’s last blog post..The Top Three Content Management Systems

  • Just out of curiosity…when was it confirmed by Cisco that there was a job offer extended? When was it confirmed said job offer was rescinded?

    PS. theconnor is a female.

    The worst part about all of this is the site you linked to is blatant cyberbullying. Nice.

  • @Samantha – thanks for pointing out the gender of theconnor–fixed that!

    You’re right that there’s been no confirmation of any of this by either party, so it could all be made up, but I doubt it.

    You may be right about the site, so I’m changing the link to the Twitter discussion instead. 🙂

  • Emily

    Looks like she GOT THE JOB! Check out her website. Un-freaking-believable. 🙂

  • I have to develop what i think Samantha was getting at. This whole fiasco is turning Twitter into a destroyer of value, which i do not like. I blogged about it – so I won’t repeat it all here – but I think we have to be careful and responsible with our spreading of news. Poor Ciscofatty was just using hyperbole where she shouldn’t have. too bad.

    Isaac D. Van Wesep’s last blog post..Ciscofatty like a Bunch of 5th Graders

  • Mark Rosenthal

    I heard a story from a friend about a co-worker who had his sick day rejected and his pay docked because his Facebook status said he banged out sick because he was hungover. There is a lot of poor judgment out there.

  • Great, that is too funny.

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  • Social media hasn’t really changed the rules…the just the ability to weasel out of something stupid one might say.

  • This is actually what I was getting at:

  • Robin Edwards

    Is it possible to frame somebody online?

    What if a jealous colleague is misusing your name to make you look bad? Can they use tools like Twitter and Facebook to ruin your career and have you lose job offers?