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BusinessWeek is reporting that it, along with the New York Times, Time, USA Today and others, is testing new mega-ad sizes launched by the Online Publishers Association.

The ad units are much larger than your normal 468×60 banners, but rely heavily on user interaction–meaning, you have to “roll over” the ads before they expand. Here’s a screen grab of what we assume is one of the new ad units (taken from BusinessWeek):

Here’s how BW explains the new ad formats:

The three new ad units are all bigger than standard display ads, and potentially they’ll be the only ad on the first screen. They also will be more interactive, even allowing viewers to bookmark them like they do Web pages so they can come back to them. They include a “Fixed Panel” that’s 336 pixels wide and 860 pixels tall and scrolls to the top and bottom of a page as the user scrolls; an “XXL Box” that’s 468 by 648 pixels, featuring the ability to embed video; and a huge 970-by-418-pixel “Pushdown” ad that opens up and then rolls up to the top of the page.

So hold on to your pixels, the next generation of display ads are going to gobble-up as much real estate as they can!

  • You know, I think I would rather a massive 970×418 block instead of something that scrolls (especially with sound) and blocks the text I want.

  • @George – but where would you put it? That’s a lot of real estate to build into your site’s design.

  • Leo

    I have recently had a taste of this. While this “interruption” may work, it is definitely irritating, from a reader standpoint.

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  • is this a way for increased revenues during a down economy? Or would this happen anyways. I think it takes away from the user experience.

  • Andy, it’s hideous. I didn’t say I liked it. I just said I would rather that those who use ads that play on load and block text switched to this monstrous thing instead. 🙂

  • @George – I think they only expand if you rollover them, but I agree they could become annoying. Still, what’s the alternative? They–heck, we–need to figure out how to keep the ad dollars flowing in these tough times. 🙁

  • It does say they expand as you roll over them, but it doesn’t say the size at installation – 468×60? As you saod above, there’s no way you could install AT that huge size.

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