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If you can’t get enough of Twitter, then this post is for you.

If you’ve had enough of Twitter, then the good news is we’ve contained today’s Twitter news inside one post that you can now safely ignore! 🙂

Here’s the latest Twitter buzz:

  • Hitwise looks at how data flows to and from Twitter. Interesting: Twitter sent nearly 20% of its downstream traffic to other social networks. The data also suggests that more people use Twitter like a social network, than as a search engine.
  • Now, if you want to get the most out of Twitter “the search engine” you might want to check out Search Cloudlet–a Firefox plugin. Search Cloudlet adds tag clouds to Twitter Search and individual Twitter profiles.
  • How much would you pay to get 250,000 followers on Twitter? Well, Jason Calacanis would be happy to cough up $125,000 a year if Twitter would include his profile on its “suggested users” list. The suggest users list is shown to all new Twitter users and Calacanis obviously believes that there’s a lot of value in being on that list.
  • Meanwhile Dave “the conscience of the web” Winer thinks Twitter’s suggest users list is a bad, bad idea.
  • Lastly, Danny Sullivan looks at Twitter as a “help engine.” If you don’t have the attention span–or free hour–to read the entire monster post, just skip to the end and you’ll see his summary. 😉
  • Most Social Networks I have seen have a period of growth like a child growing up. Some grow fast and some grow slow. Then after a period of leveling off some bigger, better, latest fad comes along and they start a downhill stroll like MySpace is doing now. What I am reading is that Twitter is going to be immune to what every other Social Network has gone through or is going through.

    I do not thing Twitter is anywhere near it’s peak but what is going to happen when the new wears off?

    Don’t get me wrong I use Twitter a lot for marketing and it is very effective.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

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  • Are you kidding? $125,000 a year to have that many friends on Twitter? Seems a bit outrageous, doesn’t it?

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  • I am just beginning to use and understand the marketing implications of Twitter, however, it seems to me like many users are quick to “jump on the bandwagon” without really knowing why or what they hope to gain. Also, I wonder at what point it all becomes so much marketing noise that users become inundated and simply tune out.

  • Paying $125,000 to get that amount of followers seems to be a bit surreal. What if the followers leave after some time?

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