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We’re all waiting to see the business model Twitter will roll out and, putting 2 and 2 together, it looks like sidebar ads will be the first to arrive.

Sneaking into the sidebar of Twitter’s homepage are what appear to be small text ads like this:

Right now the "ads" point back to various Twitter pages, but I suspect the micro-blogging service is softening us up for the launch of targeted advertising.

Have you seen the ads? What are you thoughts on Twitter adding text ads to your homepage?

  • Since it’s pointing to Twitter pages, it’s not an ad. But, I too suspect they will show ads in the near future. This however, is not an ad.

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  • I don’t mind at all, as long as they don’t turn into huge, flashing things. I figure Twitter deserves to make some money and if it keeps Twitter free for users, fine by me.

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  • I really don’t mind it too, because I don’t visit the Twitter homepage all that much, LOL. But even if I did, I’d be OK with a few decent ads and not a whole bunch of “flashing things”, like April said.

  • Today I just see there advertisement,today I see “polite advertisement with twitter search invitations”I call that polite advertising because it is “soft color and soft font”and my hope ,if they are “in needed of advertising money”i hope they use method “small is Big”so that my twitter page keep clean and nice look to see,well have luck with the advertising trial,hope for best advertising return for them and hope they keep there service ,clean and free like this

  • I did notice the same widget definition on my home page earlier tonight, but it’s not readable in my sidebar with my current color scheme. They need to re-think their colors for it–perhaps just go to a default white background or let us select the color for the “ad” background. The current color scheme doesn’t work if you have a dark background on the sidebar.

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  • I think it helps people who are new to the social network/blog scene. Not everyone know what “Tweet” or “Widget” are. The little box with explanations help people understand what they are. It never hurts to help people.

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  • I’d be OK with a few decent ads and not a whole bunch of “flashing things”.

  • Well as a user I really appreciate it as it is quite small, but I am wondering of its efficiency. What do you think of the other possibilities (use of Twitter backgrounds of some prominent users; insert of advertweet now and again in some profiles by brands having access to the platform; etc). Hard to find a good one.

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  • @Dave – if it looks like a rose and smells like a rose…. 😉

  • A few ads are okay I think.
    Besides, twitter still has to figure out a way to make business right?

    For now ads. Later, corporate accounts for commercial puproses. Any more ideas, guys?

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  • I’ve had a lot of conversations with Tweeple this week and everyone is crossing their fingers that this doesn’t grow into a problem. The fact that there is space for an ad usually means an ad is coming…so let’s hope that Twitter doesn’t end up requiring an Ad Blocking plugin.

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  • Why not? Everybody here comes to earn some cash. Advertisement has been great source of revenue for all big sites so whats wrong if twitter does it. They are smart enough and will surely keep it user friendly.

  • There are plenty of adverts already in twitter through the posts of some the most popular Twitterers. I suppose you can chose not to follow them, but looking at the most followed members and the subliminal adverts they post, I think people are voting to see adverts.