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It’s always interesting to see research confirm something that your gut says is real. Ad blindness is a very real concern for marketers and it is forcing more creativity to get brands in front of the right people at the right time for THEIR right reason. A report from eMarketer shows that Internet users are more likely to act on brand mentions when reading about it in content form rather than advertising form. Not a shock but still good to know rather than suspect. Here’s some info about what is working and what is not.


Advertising like banners may be losing some appeal because there is just too much of it. Online it is difficult to find major sites that aren’t littered with ads in all shapes and sizes and everywhere on the screen. Even those sites that do things ‘tastefully’ can feel pushy after a long day of being pelted with messages.

It’s gotten to the point that advertisers are starting to move in on the content concept more by disguising ads as articles. That’s not good news but if it is what people, especially those in the must sought after 18-34 year old demographic, are paying attention to then marketers will be there for sure.

While they still exist most people have had enough with pop up ads which is really no surprise. Some of the other findings show that along with age being a major factor in taking action based on online information there are others. The study showed that African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to take action from online information than whites. Why that happens is beyond me but I am just telling you what was said in the report.

So while there continues to be the push to find ways to monetize everything online there is still something to be said for good old fashioned content. As the consumer gets smarter and smarter the conversation will need to be more than a megaphone like ad screaming “Buy me!”.

  • Kumar

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  • Thanks for an interesting post. I am surprise to see banner ads and pop-up ads were so high at 25% and 13%. I personal will never click on pop-ups and sometimes banners. The others I do.

  • This is something that I’ve been thinking for a while – Content is the future. Good well written content is what is needed. I never click banners and often don’t even read sponsored listings or ppc ads. It’s all about the organic searches for me.

  • Rosal

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  • Kumar

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  • Imraaz

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  • Pop ups are annoying me so much. Banners can be still accepted, as long as not too much. Help article containing ads is more interesting, better if it’s well-packaged.

  • Amelia

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  • The observation about Hispanics and Afro Americans is quite remarkable. If it is factual that would be a signal for a smart marketeer to target those groups. These sort of researches can be valuable if accompanied by the source.

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  • Eric

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  • It depends on what your product/service is. I think spending time and energy branding soemthing that will have a short lifespam is a waste of time. That is the sort of product you put 100% of your efforts and resources into advertising and “get while the getting is good”. On the other hand, building a brand on a long-term viable product or service will always outlive the impact an ad will have. But, we all know, branding is an expensive and slow process. I am buidling my brand with because I think phone APPS is a product with a very long life that is at the very early stages. Now, will it look and feel different this time next year? Like so many things online it is sure to change, but the overall opportunity will not. Thanks. CLEVE

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