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While the news that Google is the search engine of choice by far is not ‘new’, it still amazes to hear that their lead is increasing. The increase year over year was 8% while there was a slight increase in the March ’09 over the February ’09 numbers. Google gets about 72% of the searches performed in the US.

Hitwise reports that Google’s gains are certainly coming at the expense of their major competitors. Yahoo year over year was down 19% and Live Search was down 17%. Love’em or hate’em Google sure is not showing signs of giving up its stranglehold on the search marketing industry. With this kind of data it’s no wonder that Yahoo is looking to shop its search business and venture into more social media plays.

As was reported a while back at SearchEngineLand one change that is occurring is the increase in multi word searches. As searchers become more savvy over time it stands to reason that their search habits will get more sophisticated. Here’s the numbers that bear this out.


By category Google still has a strong influence but it is obvious that the economy is hurting the shopping sector. Sports, online video along with business and finance categories saw the largest percentage increase in Google’s share of creating traffic.


This information may start to become almost mundane considering the story is almost the same every month. Google up, the others down. Looks like Google wins again! Imagine the day when some competitor makes real inroads towards knocking Google off its perch. Now that will be news.

  • Yes, I think with the news yesterday that Google is displaying extended snippets due to more people using longer keyword combination’s this comes as no real surprise. But what does it all mean for the future of search?

  • Great information.

    “Imagine the day when some competitor makes real inroads towards knocking Google off its perch”, while I agree that this will certainly be very big news I just cannot see this happening fro a very long time.

    I love multi word searches and long tail keyword targeting so it is great news to see this is on the rise.

    Thanks for sharing,


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  • The long tail rules!

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