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Spotted by Daily Blog Tips, has made a dramatic change to the way it calculates the traffic rank of certain sites. It appears that sites that were recently penalized for having too much of their traffic from social media are once again finding favor with Alexa’s algorithm. And I think I know why.

At the exact time that Alexa cut back the rank of sites like and other blogs, us internet marketers stopped talking about, and using, the service. We quietly decided that any metric that didn’t give us the credit due, was not one we wanted to tell our readers and clients about.

Now, this is just my speculation–after all, I doubt many marketers would admit to this or even be consciously aware that they had turned their back on Alexa for this reason, but trust me, we all did it. So, what is Alexa to do? How can it win back our attention? Attention that has since been focused on competitive solutions such as Compete and Quantcast? Simple! Gradually increase the Alexa rank of influential bloggers, get them bragging about their Alexa rank again, and hopefully ride the wave of free publicity that comes with it.

Or you can skip the whole "gradually increase their Alexa rank" stage and jump straight to the "OMG my Alexa rank just jumped 120,000 points overnight" stage. 😉

Expect to see Alexa slowly make its way back into blogging conversations again.

  • I’m with you on that. I haven’t heard anyone talking about Alexa in a long time. They made themselves irrelevant to us, so why bring them up. I bet you’re 100% on the money here.

  • I was actually told by an internet marketer not to even worry about Alexa. This is wonderful news! Anything that recognizes quality content for the value it holds in the online world is a welcome change. I guess I need to start checking my Alexa ranking in Firefox to see if your theory holds true.

    Thanks for the update.


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  • Mine just jumped about 60,000 spots (265K to 205K). I just thought that I became a better writer. Oh well, kind of like when the made the SATs easier.

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  • Smart move by Alexa. Now we’ll go back to seeing people brag about their ranks thinking it means something & trying to sell things based on that to gullible people. The digital point forums had a thread about how they just jumped from thousands to 240 in a few days… this could be why 🙂

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  • Now that you mention it, my Alexa rating in the past 24 hours jumped about 40K. Big whoop. Back to our regularly scheduled quantcasting.

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  • Thanks for the mention Andy.

    Yes I believe the theory hold true to some extent. Not only Internet marketers stopped considering Alexa to be reliable, but many of them (myself included) also bashed Alexa with strong word, causing a lot of damage to its image.

    I guess they are trying to take a step back, as you said.

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  • Thanks for the update, Andy. Alexa had become relatively irrelevant . . . lets see if they can move back to the forefront once again.

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  • It’s amazing that you’ve written this post because I wrote one about two weeks ago saying Alexa was back, after not finding anyone else writing about it at all. I like how they changed their algorithms to check more things, even though I couldn’t find out exactly what it was they changed. No matter; they’re back as a player, even if, partially, we’re still a little bit suspect.

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