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It’s been slowly coming for a very long time. Google announced that they’d acquired FeedBurner back in May 2007. Only eleven months later (*eye roll*), in April 2008, the two finally began their integration. And now it’s complete.

Last night, FeedBurner was the same website. Today, redirects (with masking) to and gives the Google login:


Once you sign in, however, you find the old FeedBurner layout. If you’re a FeedBurner user, you’ve probably seen the promptings to migrate your feeds to Google. As the above screenshot assures you, there’s still time. In fact, the front-page–only change may just be a ploy to reluctant or lazy users to migrate faster.

Have you seen this change?

  • Let’s hope they’ve ironed out all of the migration bugs, otherwise the complaints about reduced subscriber numbers are about to go through the roof!

  • Looks like they just threw a copy of the Google home page code onto Maybe Google wants to cause some duplicate content issues with themselves.

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  • James Morell

    Reduced subscriber numbers?! On one of my feeds (a client site) I’m seeing around 167,000 subscribers – up from around 2000 before migrating. I think I may have a few of your missing subscribers Andy!

    My main issue with this migration is we can’t now easily share data unless a dummy Google account is set up and shared amongst colleagues. Which frankly is a pain in the arse.

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  • @Andy—I was worried about that, but oddly enough my numbers went up over yesterday. They’ve held steady over the last few months (can’t remember when I switched). Now if they could only make Feedfetcher stop fighting with FeedBurner.

    @Jaan—looks like you’re right. Knew I should’ve used a redirect checker! (Note: just checked with a redirect checker and appears to still be 301d to Looks like Google’s trying to cause all kinds of issues!)

  • @James & @Jordan – some blog in Albania is scratching its head at why it’s RSS count went from 2 to 3,000+–I want my subscribers back! 😉

  • The switch over has been in the works for quite a few weeks actually. Last month (or the month before, I can’t recall) we had the option to move our account sign in to a Google Account, and 2 weeks ago we started seeing the Google branded login page.

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