Posted April 23, 2009 1:18 pm by with 2 comments

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Google has updated your smartphone shopping experience by adding Google Product Search results for iPhone and Android users.

…when you type a product query on in your iPhone or Android browser, you’ll get Google Product Search results nicely formatted for your phone. You can see online ratings, reviews, prices, and product details if you’re out and about, or just do some mobile web surfing from your couch.

Just in case the simplicity of this announcement escapes you, Rob here, will explain how it works:

Well, thanks Rob! But I have a question for you? Why did you search “bluetooth headset” and not the actual model you had picked up in the store? What’s that you say? Because when you search for an actual product model, say “motorola h710,” from your iPhone, NO product search results show up?

UPDATE: So, unlike the video–where the product search results show up at the top of the results–when you search for a specific product, apparently the results are further down the page. So, it doesn’t suck after all. 😉

Oh thanks Rob, that will come in real handy! 🙁

UPDATE 2: And Google is only about 12 months behind Microsoft in this area.