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If you’re a fan of Google Analytic’s data, but don’t like the actual interface, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s a new API which will allow developers to provide their own flavor of analytics.

If you’re a code junky, here’s what you’re getting:

The new Google Analytics Data Export API is now publicly available to all Analytics users as a Labs API that provides an easy to use way to get read-only access to your Analytics data. All report data that is available to you through the web interface will also be available through this new Google Data API. In addition to the standard Google Data API protocol of making requests over HTTP and accessing your data in XML, we will also be providing both a Java and JavaScript client library to make it even easier to integrate with your Analytics information.

What does this mean for the average marketer? Who cares! You’re way beyond average, so the question is, what does it mean for a stud marketer like you?

Well, it means that you’ll have access to different ways to access Google Analytics data. For example, you could build your own custom interface that integrates with your existing CRM software. Not quite that sophisticated? Well, you may be interested in trying new ways to access Google Analytics, via third-party developers.

Here’s one example of a new tool that uses the Google Analytics API:

Concentrate from Juice Analytics is a long-tail search analytics tool designed for SEO and paid search professionals who want to make sense of search keyword data and make the most of search investments.

Here’s another from the FutureNow guys:

OnTarget provides full optimization, testing, and improvement cycle recommendations on how to improve goals online and increase conversions from marketing campaigns.

It will be interesting to see how many companies take the risk on building a business around the Google API. Why the risk? Well, although the API is currently free, Google says it reserves the right to start charging for it. It also has the right to simply kick a developer to the curb:

We may for any reason and without liability to you terminate these API Terms, suspend or terminate your access to the Analytics API, or set limits on your Analytics API usage. Upon any termination or suspension, you must stop using the Analytics API and distributing and developing API Applications. The provisions of this Section 3 will survive any termination of these API Terms.

While unlikely–why release an API if you’re going to be a jerk about it–it’s still somewhat of a risk to build any business around Google’s good will.

All that said, the new API means that marketers will soon be able to get their analytics in different flavors–butter pecan anyone? 🙂


  • great article!!!a lot of good information here…. 10 of 10 for sure.

  • Very good idea. I wonder if people will be taking that data, mixing it with other data and charging for a service?

  • Semakin hari google semakin di depan dalam membaharui fitur-fiturnya. Thanks ya infonya.

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  • Very good this article I use GA. This articles is very usefull.

  • This probably was one of the most awaited feature with all the competitiors already ahead in API.
    It’ll be great to see new apps/products coming our way built on API