Posted April 2, 2009 10:02 am by with 6 comments

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I wouldn’t normally bore you with details of the inner workings of a computer server, but, well, this is Google and the company has finally revealed details of the cheap computers it uses to power the world’s most sophisticated search engine.

Et voila!

Purty ain’t she?

I agree, she’s the kind of server that only a mother could love. CNET’s Stephen Shankland has more patience to go through the server’s specs than I do, so you can head over there for the full details. For those of us that just want the vitals, here you go:

  • Each computer has its own battery back-up built-in–which Google says is more efficient than using a central UPS.
  • Google houses its servers in standard shipping containers–1,160 in each, consuming 250 kilowatts.
  • Zzzzzzz, heh? Sorry, back to it…..
  • Each server has 3.5", 2 rack units (whatever that means)
  • Two processors
  • Two hard drives
  • Eight memory slots
  • A toaster oven–just checking you’re still with me!
  • X86 processors from both AMD and Intel
  • A Gigabyte built motherboard
  • Please! Enough! If you really care about these fine details get a life head to CNET! 😉