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Despite once being Rupert Murdoch’s golden boy, it appears MySpace founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe has fallen out of favor. News Corp has announced that DeWolfe will be stepping down "in the near future" and will be left with a role on the board of MySpace China and perhaps some other adviser role.

There’s no announcement about who will take over from DeWolfe, but that’s not stopping AllThingsD from speculating former Facebook COO Owen Van Natta will get the job.

And really, that says it all. MySpace was once the hottest social network on the planet, then Facebook had the audacity to open its network up to everyone. Say what you want about the numerous interface changes at Facebook, but it appears the MySpace rival is gaining audience simply because it doesn’t allow you to set up pages with flashing backgrounds and tacky MP3’s that auto-load.

I’ve never been a fan of MySpace–so apply your bias filter here–but it just seems to me that Facebook has grown in popularity because when you look at the interface it’s structured and makes sense–which makes it a lot easier for the 35+ crowd to dive in.

If Van Natta does indeed get the job, I hope his first task is to figure out how to make MySpace attractive to those that don’t obsess about Miley Cyrus or Zac Efron.

  • I have to disagree with one thing. Rather than trying to compete with Facebook in the market they already own, Myspace should embrace the crowd it has. The Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and music crowds. Nothing wrong with those crowds. If I were Myspace, I would start a campaign that Facebook is the older crowd and play against it by positioning Myspace as the younger, “Cooler”, where your parents aren’t, place to be. Embrace and own what they are, not compete for what they are not.

    LJ Jones’s last blog post..Twitter is a Fad

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