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While it may look like some kind of prank and serves to continue the “twitterification” of the English language,pizza-hut-logo Pizza Hut is hiring a ‘Twintern’ for the summer. The New York Times reported it and just to make sure I went to the Pizza Hut homepage and sure enough there it was. With the summer job market being one of the worst in recent history at least some college student can get some job experience putting 140 characters or less to work for the Hut.

Of course, it appears as if there is no pay (there is a pay check, see comments below) and you will need to relocate to Dallas on your own dime if you get the gig but what better resume builder these days. In addition, this may be one of the few times that parents can say that the new 140 character culture can pay benefits. The description is as follows:

The summer twinternship at Pizza Hut allows for many hands-on opportunities including:

  • Collect and share insights and experiences while working for Pizza Hut through social and interactive media: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, New and emerging media
  • Twintern will be given unprecedented access to marketing meetings, brainstormsions, ad shoots and special events
    Monitor social media for pop culture news, off-the-wall stories or anything else quirky and fun that he or she thinks would be of interest to loyal Pizza Hut fans.
  • Chronicle experience through video; edit and post to selected media
  • Conduct media outreach for PR programs
  • Assist with execution of national PR programs

Of course, some may see this as the speeding of the decline and fall of western civilization while others (particularly smart, aggressive and go getting college students getting ready to enter a crappy job market) will have more opportunity than ever.

My question is first who is researching their pizza in social media circles and what influence can social media have on that choice? Also, even if you spend way too much time in 140 character land (or any social media for that matter) just how much are you willing to hear from Pizza Hut? As with all of this marketing new world order this should be interesting.