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Microsoft is rolling out its answer to Google’s AdSense and the Yahoo Publisher Network with its new pubCenter beta. It is open to all and publishers can microsoft_advertisingsign up for free at the pubCenter site reports cnet.

Microsoft’s offering provides another option for publishers looking to monetize their content. Here are the highlights from the pubCenter site

The Microsoft pubCenterBeta offers you the chance to include advertising from one of the leading online advertising networks on your web site. With the pubCenterBeta you can:

  • Place ads on your web site—realizing revenue potential with relevant ads targeted to your audience.
  • Customize ads to the look and feel of your web site.
  • Gain access to one of the largest advertising networks, delivering high-quality ads.
  • Monitor performance with a variety of tracking features.

As a beta user, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn money and influence the direction of this new advertising marketplace.

The private beta has been going on for a few months and along with the public beta intro today the public blog is open for business as well. According to Microsoft pubCenter is actively seeking publishers to join and test contextual ads on their sites. The program is only open to sites in the US at present.

What if any impact this offering will have in the marketplace is anyone’s guess but considering the position that LiveSearch holds in the marketplace it’s hard to imagine a big rush that will pose a serious threat to Google. Microsoft has been able to stick around in this game thus far due to their deep pockets and not their innovation. Unless there is something significantly unique about this offering does it make sense for Microsoft to continue it “me too!” approach to the Internet marketing business?