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Reason #253 why you should subscribe to Marketing Pilgrim: Back in October we had the exclusive on the new user interface for Twitter. Today we learn that selected Twitter users will indeed start seeing this new layout.

Twitter admits its recent test of the search box at the top of the interface was a flop, so instead, it’s going back to the drawing board. Well, actually its original redesign drawing:

Here’s how the new design will look:


A subset of users will start seeing the above interface soon. In addition, Twitter is testing a feature that should be welcomed by many:

If there’s a search you want to do on a regular basis, you can “save” the search. That will place the word or term permanently in your sidebar for easy access. So if you want to know what people are saying about the city you live in, the products you use, or just something weird, it becomes a link on your home page.

Lastly, “Trends” will also be added to Twitter–which we suspect will work much like the “Trending topics” you can currently view at

I’m excited about the new features, what about you? Anything else you wish Twitter would add?

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  • Jenny Halasz

    As a newcomer to Twitter, I didn’t realize this wasn’t the interface they’ve had all along. I’ve been seeing this exact view since I signed up on Friday 3/20.

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  • This new feature which will be added on Twitter is really awesome! Can’t wait to use it.

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  • Cool! That’s the interface I’m seeing now. I have 4 different twitter accounts and it seems they all have different interfaces – this is getting confusing. Some had the search box at the top with no footer search link, others had no search box, just footer link. Now I know why!

    PS, that search box at the top didn’t ever return results for me…did it ever work for anyone?

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  • I used the search box when it was at the top and it did indeed provide results. Although I must say, that at times the results were spotty.
    I have several twitter accounts as well and have been seeing this new layout since it they pushed it live. I wasn’t actually aware that it wasn’t site wide yet. Any info on who they choose and how, and when it’ll be site-wide?

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  • I like the twitters idea on making the URL short… or URL renaming… What do you think?