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While Twitter continues to tease us with its advertising plans, third-party providers continue to get creative with their efforts to make money from the micro-blogging service. Next in line to give it a shot is TwitPub, which lets you charge users to access your protected Twitter stream.

Here’s how TwitPub explains its "get rich quick" service:

TwitPub is just another fantastic way to monetize Twitter. The best way to be rewarded for generating quality content (or tweets) is to get paid for it. All you need to do is to have a Twitter account and set it to private (or protect your updates so it’s not publicly visible) in your Twitter settings.

Next, signup for TwitPub and our system will automate approvals when a person subscribe to your Premium Tweet on TwitPub. Plus, you set the price on how much you want charge per subscription! It’s easy. Less hassle and gives you more control! All you have to do is Tweet!

Yeah, right. There’s just one problem. People won’t pay to read your Twitter stream. Seriously! There are lots of really smart individuals on Twitter–and lots of great news providers too–but I wouldn’t pay a penny to read what they had to say in 140 characters or less.

Would you pay to read a Twitter stream?

(via CNET)

  • Absolutley NO ! go to hell twitpub !

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  • If this is trading signals with 100% odds – why not?

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  • If I dont read them for free, why would I pay. Seriously I love the idea of now being able to search twitter streams for great content and even use this plugin so they show in my google search results:

    but no way I pay for them. Do I pay to use Google search? No.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Monitor Tweet Streams for Reputation Managment and News

  • @Jaan – I use that same plugin. My only gripe with it is that I don’t need to see Twitter search results on every search. I wish it had an option to “collapse” and “expand.”

  • I agree that would be cool and if it could remember which ones I dont want to see Twitter results for as well.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Monitor Tweet Streams for Reputation Managment and News

  • I would think once you have to start paying for that stuff, a new service or app will rise in popularity. Some will probably pay but I don’t think I would.

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  • Ciara

    I don’t use Twitter, yet anyway, and if it goes to paying to read streams I wouldn’t even think about using it. I don’t think paying would be effective and people would soon come up with something equivalent to Twitter that is free. I still wouldn’t read it if the person but it to one cent to read the stream.

  • ReekaCarter

    Well I suppose the idea behind twitpub is to help established authors in generating revenue while they,on the other hand,provide informative contents to fellow subscribers.Such twitter accounts will act like a one-stop centre for subscribers who wish to read contents on specific topic instead of having to surf different sites.I don’t see why not.It’s convenient,easy and despite the fact that these publishers have the right to set their own subscription price,don’t think it will be of much difference from the price floor (99 cents) anyway.I’m sure they’re aware of the risk of hiking up the subscription price

  • Why not? People pay for premium content on their own websites. Twitter is a way to deliver really short, concise content for busy people. If that content is worth paying for, if you know that you have only 140 characters to read, and that every one of them count, it might be worth more to pay for the tweets than for the long-winded content at paid membership sites.

  • Richard

    Well I gotta say twitpub is more or less a niche place where people buy or sell quality content such as stock tips or betting tips – some information that is of value. $0.99 per month for daily tweets on some information that I can capitalise on? I think there is some value in it. Guess we all can’t see the value in twitpub yet because there is rather not much (or shall i say no) quality content worth paying money for yet.

  • I want to see more of TwitPub content before I make any conclusion. it’s their first few days and it seems like there are more and more Twitter-ers are creating “Premium Tweets”… some are quite interesting like Feng Shui. I don’t see why I will pay for that, but maybe some guy would. But a few that is already quite useful for me such as Stock Tips from a relatively okay blogger… and Chinese which I can learn a new word everyday. Yeah why not.

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  • I follow people who are interested in what I’m interested in. If something is important enough for me to read, it often gets retweeted and talked about. Why would I want to pay for a service that will give me content everyone else is passing around for free?

  • It’s very unlikely that I would pay. Doesn’t seem worth it.

  • Oh hell no. Well , i appreciate the effort they toke to set up that new monetization system.
    But no is going to pay to see a twitter feed !!!

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  • can't people do anything for free any more? I think its so dissapointing that people always has to get something to give value, isn't this the wrong road? besides its most people, who do business as far that im told on twitter