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So while we don’t look like we play along when the rumor mill gets started there is ‘talk’ that Apple is looking to purchase Twitter. Of twitter-logo1course, it seems like everyone would like to purchase Twitter but there’s the sticky detail of Twitter saying yes that seems to elude most.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington sums it up here

Rumors popped up that Apple may be looking to buy Twitter. “Apple is in late stage negotiations to buy Twitter and is hoping to announce it at WWDC in June,” said a normally reliable source this evening, adding that the purchase price would be $700 million in cash. The trouble is we’ve checked with other sources who claim to know nothing about any Apple negotiations. If these discussions are happening, Twitter is keeping them very quiet indeed. We would have passed on reporting this rumor at all, but other press is now picking it up.

So since other press is picking it up then I suspect it this may become an even bigger rumor which then becomes a near reality that is in fact nothing but someone saying something to someone somewhere under the guise of anonymity. Trouble is the person talking is likely speaking out of a body part that is not their mouth but we are going to do this dance anyway.

So, let’s just open up the discussion to you Pilgrims. What do you think of this proposed union? Is it a match made in heaven or is it destined for a bad break up? Will it happen or not? Should it happen at all? What would you call this new service – Twapple? Twipple? Twouble?

Tune in soon for another edition of “How the ‘News’ Makes People Speculate”.

  • Chris

    700 mil seems kind of cheap for twitter.

  • This could be a good fit for Apple – 700 mil does sound cheap.

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  • While I am skeptical that Apple would make a deal like this, and it’s always silly to comment on (rumored) price tags on pre-revenue companies, I will say this; there is a logical scenario for Apple to acquire Twitter.

    First off, the status update message has emerged as the ultimate social gesture, and we all know how Apple is all about driving consumer engagement.

    Quantitatively speaking, it is something that Facebookers, MySpacers, tweeters, LinkedIn users do 1-10 times a day (whether they think of the activity as status updating or not).

    Now, if you married the simple atomicity of the update message with the ability of the messaging client to process “payloads” like pictures, videos, songs, contacts, locative data, documents, URLs, etc., you have a recipe to turn Apple’s MobileMe service into its original moniker of “Exchange for the Rest of Us,” all the while having a core messaging infrastructure that is lightweight and portable enough to run on desktops, iPods, mobile devices and TVs.

    Here’s a post that I wrote, which provides a straw man analysis of what such an infrastructure might look like:

    “Right Here Now” services: weaving a real-time web around status

    Check it out if interested.



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  • Twittertosh?

    Whatever, 700mil should be enough for Apple to step in and B-Slap Twitter into removing the lame follow limits. If twitter keeps this up, expect some other service (friendfeed, jaiku or tumblr) to become top daddy of micro-blogging.

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  • It really doesn’t make sense to me for a few of reasons. One, Apple makes computers, iPod, iPhone, the OS, iTunes, and software the generally runs on the Mac and variants. How in the world does Twitter fit in that? Unless it is as Mark Sigal said, some sort of MobileMe direction.

    Two, the first Twitter commercial endeavor was with Microsoft. Hello!

    Third, Apple is not generally known for acquiring other companies. RARELY have they even partnered, unlike that promiscuous Microsoft. Twitter has a lot of users… but it hasn’t really proven it can keep them.

    Maybe Apple started this rumor as a shill to get the price up and weaken their competition by depleting their cash. Maybe I saw Bigfoot in my backyard yesterday. I can invent any rumor if I don’t have to come up with evidence.