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Raise your hand if you’re a Microsoft adCenter user?

1…2..3…4……OK, four of you.

Well, you four are going to be excited about a whole host of new features and upgrades just announced by the adCenter team.

Account Management Updates

New features include:

  • Use Windows Live ID to sign in to adCenter
  • New home page and alerts
  • A better way manage your account settings

adCenter Desktop (Beta) Updates

Changes include:

  • Manage more keywords and experience faster speeds
  • Update existing ads in bulk and update bids at the group level
  • Edit as you browse
  • Preview imported data
  • Target customers by city and state

Content Ads Updates (U.S. Only)

Content Ads leaves beta and provides a way to get your ads on MSFT’s publisher/content network. New features added:

  • More control over where your ads are displayed–exclude as many as 500 web sites
  • New site performance reporting

Campaign Management Updates

I saved the best updates for last.

  • Apply customer targeting and incremental bids for your entire campaign with new campaign-level targeting, and then further refine targeting at the ad group level
  • Greater control and flexibility for your keyword bids
  • Last, but no means least, improved keyword tools that look something like this:

OK, so I know that more than 4 people love Microsoft’s adCenter–so let us know what you think of the improvements. Thanks!

  • Despite the mockery, Microsoft has quietly put together a very legitimate PPC product. They may not have the volume of search traffic, but if they ever work out a deal to buy Yahoo's PPC they will be in a very good position to compete with Google.

    • I totally agree. Those that do use adCenter tend to have good things to say about it. MSFT just needs a bigger footprint which, as you suggest, can be achieved if they ever acquire Yahoo.

  • Looks pretty handy. I'll have to give it a go. I usually only use adwords though hmm