Posted May 19, 2009 9:35 am by with 6 comments

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What does a search engine do about photographing the cobbled streets and side alleys of the world. That’s the dilemma that Google faces when trying to add Street View to many city locations in Europe.

The solution? Well, I would have suggested micro-cameras attached to feral cats, but Google went with nerds on tricycles.

I still like my idea better! 😉

  • Google hasn't invaded our privacy nearly enough. The cats would have made much better maps. We need to see what's in the trees, dumpsters, and the next-door neighbor's back yard. Come on, Google, using feral cats will aid in your quest for world domination!

  • alanbleiweiss

    LOL hey – is that an ice cream box on the back of that trike? Could Google be trying to break into the ice cream market now too?

  • Byoung

    Ahh, a cat scan.

  • Incredible. Bikes and geeks haven't historically been a stellar combo. Do you get stock options for biking around towns?