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Twitter’s “World Dominance 140 Characters At a Time” Tour continues as it tries to help users squeeze more into twitter-logotheir messages. This time, however, there is casualty. TinyURL was the default URL shortening service for Twitter until recently when was deemed the service of choice to shorten the URL’s of millions (that sounds painful, doesn’t it?) as reported by TechCrunch.

TinyURL has been with Twitter since its inception but the service has a few advantages over it and some even benefit the users. makes URL’s shorter than TinyURL which in the limited space that 140 characters is can be advantageous. Just think of the tragedy if one of your followers couldn’t get the additional exclamation point you had to share so you could really get your emotion across to them. Oh, the humanity!

The more likely reason that bit.y gets this honor is that it is backed by startup accelerator Betaworks which can also count other Twitter related and owned companies like Summize among its lineup. Also, two early Twitter investors, Chris Sacca and Ron Conway are backers. I am pretty sure that anyone can connect the dots on this one.

As Twitter gains more and more power it will obviously be beneficial to any organization that has ties to its initial investors. Betaworks seems poised to ride the wave.

  • Leon

    yeah, we want to try one of those services for are email marketing stuff to get a better handle on are url length, may get a better response to ctr. i really didnt know about the new one, this is good will try.
    thanks for info.

  • David Leonhardt

    Oh, the humanity! Wait a minute…we’re talking about robots, right?

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  • Josh Fleischmann also offers tracking and the ability to customize your shortened URL’s, according to the recent comparison chart by Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, see Also, Rae Hoffman at Outspoken Media gives instructions on how to create your own URL shortener, check out


    Uh, how do you make money with URL shortening? Especially if 200M people are banging your server WITHOUT EVER SEEING IT.

    Jeeze, batten down the hatches, we’re back to 2001.


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  • mark

    Haha, that’s funny. Oh, the insanity!

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  • gary aqiuno

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  • tommy hans

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  • kierjones

    good blog!!!!

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  • Subwoofere Auto

    Really nice…but I think I will stick to Firefox for now…nice vid tho’

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  • VSO Corp Business

    I don’t like TinyUrl. Because if I look at the link I can suggest what is it not opening it. Sometimes it is very useful (especially if we have not so many time or bad e-net connection).

  • Tony Beach

    Cool info here..learning more each day! Thanks..and keep it coming!
    Tony Beach

  • internet micro sites

    As Twitter gains more and more power it will obviously be beneficial to any organization that has ties to its initial investors. Betaworks seems poised to ride the wave.

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