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<head scratching>

Let me ask you something. Would this TV ad compel you to try Google’s Chrome web browser?

Google plans to run the ad on television networks starting this weekend.

Do you think the average web user will know that Google Chrome is an alternative to Internet Explorer? Also, where’s the download link?

</head scratching>

  • Well, it’s a really cute commercial! But yeah – not planning on switching, and that commercial really offers no valuable information on how to find Chrome or what the heck it even does. Sorry Google 🙂

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  • Well you can tell it was made for the Japan market. That would not fly well in the US.

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  • @Jaan – I believe it’s heading to US audiences this weekend.

  • Well I will guess fail here, but then again no one has seen a Google commercial EVER so intrigue may win over quality and effectiveness. Especially the command at the end of the commercial to download Chrome now, LOL. If I wasnt internet savvy, I would not know what the hell they were talking about still. The lay person barely knows what a “browser” is when you ask them to open one. They just knowthe IE icon is how they get online.

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  • In my opinion it’s good….

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  • Babbo

    Why do you all think that you have to “explain the benefits” of the browser to have an effective commercial. People don’t work that way. People see commercials like this and are intrigued just enough to go try it out. Google want people to experience the browser, and switch if they like it enough. Microsoft is the company that wants to explain everything in a commercial. Apple, Google and other forward thinking tech companies choose to instead appeal to curiosity–that’s why Apple’s commercials are so effective.

  • It’s a very nice ad but I think I’ll stick with my current browser. Am more comfortable with it and I love the addons that comes with it. 🙂

    I’ll just pass Google.

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  • I believe the ad is for the complete layman user who does not even know that there are alternatives to Internet explorer. So, he should feel intrigued to search for google chrome after seeing this ad, educate himself that there is an alternative to IE and that one and only thing is Chrome and go ahead and try..

    but yes, too difficult for Google to measure the effectiveness and too much tech-savvy-ness expected from the layman..

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  • I personally don’t think it is all that effective. I don’t think Babbo’s take on it is quite accurate, specifically referring to Apple:

    “Microsoft is the company that wants to explain everything in a commercial. Apple, Google and other forward thinking tech companies choose to instead appeal to curiosity–that’s why Apple’s commercials are so effective.”

    I think that the iPhone ads actually do “explain the benefits” of the product. The application ads show the iPhone in use and how specific applications are able to make your life easier. In fact, pretty much all of the iPhone ads are centered around the concept of what it is, how it works, and why you should want one.

    There is a very big difference between “explaining everything” and being clear and effective. For the average person Google=search and search alone. I think that a commercial that showed Chrome being used and then gave the URL for a specific landing page to download would be a lot more effective.

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  • Awesome! Google is selling blocks now?!

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  • aaah really annoying music, but cute though. I think I saw this a while back so now it’s going to be their commercial huh..hmmm, interesting

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  • Kate

    I agree. I often teach a class on basic web design for grade-school students. By nature of being in the class, most of them are pretty computer-savvy compared to their peers but have no idea what to do when I tell them to open their web browser. I eventually had to adjust my speaking to say, “Click on the blue-and-orange ball” or “click on the blue e. This is a web browser.” They think their browser IS the Internet, and the adults I’ve taught aren’t much better. They have no idea of the differences between browsers or even the difference between a web browser and the Internet, for that matter. While it’s a very appealing commercial, it’s probably not going to gain them anyone who didn’t already know what Chrome is. It needs more of an explanation about what Chrome is, why Chrome is so great, etc and absolutely a download link.

  • I liked it. I think it will be effective because it is simple, colorful, and fun. It moves fast enough (like the Chrome browser) to compel someone to keep watching to see what’s going to happen. Oh it makes a browser window. simple. branding.

  • What??? I wouldn’t want a browser that takes all my blocks away!

  • Chrome sounds harsh and cool (like Cuil) and will never catch on because of its name which can also not be nicely pronounced in many languages – it’s too English. (Krom, Krouhm, Krohm, Kr… spit!). It’ sa cool browser though.

  • Vic

    The commercial is simple, ordinary people will not get what it really purports.
    I hope Google make a more informative ad. An ad that will educate people on the features of internet.
    Also, since it is new, why not they did not focus on testimonial from persons who already use it.

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  • I don’t like google chrome becasue it has’t so mach very useful plugin as Masila Firefox

  • Sunday

    I think this ad suffers from something I’ve seen in the arts: people who are so involved with something so long and in such depth that they get tired of cliches and want to try something new and different. The problem is that they can forget that everyone else doesn’t have the background they do, so the clever innovation speaks only to a few with the knowledge.

    I’ve used at least four browsers, but honestly I wouldn’t have recognized this as a browser commericial if it hadn’t been pointed out to me by the post. I’ll be interested to see whether “intriguing and mysterious” gets them the results they’re looking for.

  • Yeah, indeed it is a very cute commercial but i wont give my firefox away.
    Google is good as a search engine, and in my opinion it will stay linke this for a long time.


  • Cute, but not particularly intriguing. There definitely wasn’t enough information. Also, if I saw this commercial on TV it wouldn’t motivate me to jump on the computer and see what it’s all about.

  • It’s definitely made for a Japanese market; I don’t think that commercial would be effective in the US. I absolutely adore Chrome (have been using it since the first day they released the beta), but that commercial wouldn’t make me want to try it out if I hadn’t.

    As far as the download link is concerned, I’ve found that if you visit in a browser other than Chrome, it has a link that says “Surf the web faster with Google Chrome”… and of course, if you Google ‘Chrome’ you find it immediately.

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  • I think I have to disagree with most of the comments regarding this ad. It doesn’t really matter whether most people are going to know that it’s a new browser that Google is talking about, that’s irrelevant. All that matters is that the ad is compelling and intriguing and that it’s from Google. For the people that the ad is aimed at, if Google is advertising something, they are going to want to check it out whether they know what it is or not. I think Google is wisely playing off of their phenomenal brand awareness. I think it’s going to be part of a successful campaign.

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  • jameslye

    i am using is good and fast

  • They will really have to make a different ad for countries other than Japan! “Joe Public”, in my experience, doesn´t even know what Internet Explorer is (it´s a *browser*, “what´s a browser?”….), never mind just putting “get Chrome” and no explanation what Chrome actually is….

  • lucifinil

    I don't like chrome for it can't enlarge text of websites, I have to use Mother's Magnifier to do it.

    Computer screen magnifier URL:

  • 4sitemarketing

    Until Chrome can compete with Firefox with all of it's extensions, I will continue to support Mozilla. My guess is that It won't be long before Chrome begins to tap into to the customization options that Firefox offers.

  • yes, i have test, but i like Firefox ……

    Sorry Google