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Stacy (YHOO) gazed at the single white rose. The diamond tennis bracelet. The silver Porsche 911 997 GT2 topped by a red bow and an oversized tag reading “I’M SORRY.” She turned to Brad (MSFT). “Oh, Brad,” she gushed, a tear in her eye. “It’s all so . . . meaningful.”

“Yes, Stacy.” Brad smiled and pulled out his PDA. “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”

Yes, folks, we had to revive the award-winning* daytime drama*, the Young and the Profitless, for one last hurrah when sources tell BoomTown that talks between Yahoo and Microsoft have grown “meaningful.”

Last reported as “hot and heavy,” the merger talks between the two companies have continued to pick up. Another source says, like Brad, that it’s really not a question of if: “We’re finally talking about the how rather than the if.”

Rumor still has it that the latest plan has Yahoo running search and display advertising sales and Microsoft operating the tech behind the scenes. A deal like this may circumvent concerns about Yahoo dividing its business, which plagued previous iterations of a deal rumored to mean Yahoo selling off its search business.

What do you think: is the deal really imminent and what would a deal look like? Would you still want to deal with a combined Yahoo/Microsoft in search and display advertising?

* Okay, so no actual awards were involved. But you have to admit that this is totally a daytime drama. Daytrader drama? Whatev.

  • I missed The Young and the Profitless! 😉

  • This is the third conglomorate type post in a row. I guess at the corproate level, search is getting interesting. But it’s really just gossip at this point.

  • The tease for this story reveals a lot about Jordan’s expectations if anybody out there is thinking about dating her. The best I could do would be a dandelion, an old hospital patient ID bracelet and an oxidized beige 1972 Buick LeSabre topped with shredded tan vinyl. The tag reads simply ‘forgettabout it’.

  • LOL, that’s Stacy. (And it was supposed to be a joke—come on, a luxury sports car is a “meaningful” gift?)

    My bio reveals even more about my dating life: married young. Sorry, Scott. 😉