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7-Minute SEO: The Guide You Hand to a Non-SEO

Almost 3 years ago, Ben Wills and I enjoyed a joke about a fictitious "7 Minute SEO" plan. Well, it turns out that’s exactly how long it will take you to read my new SEO guide–hence the name "7-Minute SEO Guide."

The guide is something that I’ve put together specifically for the following audience:

  • Those that have no idea about SEO
  • Those that have no idea about SEO, but pester you with questions
  • Those that have no idea about SEO, pester you with questions, but won’t read that SEO book you recommended
  • Those that have no idea about SEO, pester you with questions, won’t read that book, and happen to be your client
  • Those that have no idea about SEO, pester you with questions, won’t read that book, happen to be your client, and have a brother that wants to learn SEO.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, if you’re an SEO don’t read the 7-Minute SEO Guide. Seriously! You’ll just huff and puff and try and pick holes in it. This SEO guide is not for you!

But, the next time a client–or your brother–asks you about the basics of SEO, send them this guide.

And remember. If you can’t learn SEO in just 7 minutes, we’ll send you the 8th minute for free! ;-)

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  • iGoMogul

    Thanks Andy!
    We’ll pass this simple, effective guide along to some of our clients!
    Sara @ iGoMgul

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  • Patrice

    Thanks for sharing your new SEO guide.
    Surely, I will give the link to my friends who wants to learn SEO.

  • SEO specialist

    The 7 minute SEO guide is a brief but concise description of search engine optimization. It clearly points out the three most basic components of optimizing search engines (Structure, Content and Links). I think it would be helpful for those who have an idea of what is SEO but don’t fully understand its nature. This gives a clear view on all other aspects of search engine optimization.

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks guys! I’m glad you found the 7-Minute SEO Guide useful!

  • vestelbekosiemensarcelikboschservisiebys

    Thanks great info im a newbie about search engin issues im looking for other blogs thankss ! super

    vestelbekosiemensarcelikboschservisiebys’s last blog post..vestel beko siemens arçelik bosch servisi ebys seo yarışmasına katıldık

  • david wolf

    Oh the nagging questions………………… I wish I could start charging like an attorney in 15 minute increments by the hour. I get an endless barrage of questions. If you are new to seo and are a reading this comment. Please educate yourself on the basics. You will get a better return on investment and make wiser decisions.

    david wolf’s last blog post..Why SEO Alone Isn’t Enough. Understand The ROI Of Internet Marketing

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  • Dave

    Cool I’ll be sure to pass on the guide to my friend that keeps asking me questions about SEO

  • Noah

    Lol, awesome stuff. I’ll definitely be passing this along to a few friends of mine who keep trying to waste my time with silly questions. :P

    Noah’s last blog post..How To Grow Your Cash Flow Leveraging the Internet: Part One

  • Nigel

    good guide, informative reading