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yahoo-logoSince taking the helm at Yahoo in January, CEO Carol Bartz has consistently emphasized one of Yahoo’s greatest strengths: its brand.

But now they may be changing all that—literally. According to BoomTown, Yahoo is looking to revamp its worldwide fortunes with a major rebranding. But for once the company’s strength might be working against it. Says BoomTown:

Yahoo’s branding campaign will certainly have to be a big deal, given that it is one of the top Internet sites in the world and has massive name recognition.

And Bartz has been vocal about the importance of touting Yahoo as a well-known brand, even as she has said a lot internally and externally that she detests purple.

While Yahoo’s main color (as seen in the logo above) has been purple for some time, and its mantra has been “bleed purple,” I wonder how many of its users would really miss the purple. Sure, there would be a few diehards who would mourn the extermination of the eggplant, the majority of users probably are only vaguely aware there’s some sort of purple-Yahoo association. I mean, this is what you see on Yahoo:

Speaking with BoomTown’s Kara Swisher at the D7 conference, Carol Bartz made a statement that could easily sum up the goal of this rebrand:

The best way to change the perception is to do a good job and then talk about it. We just have to get our story out there; we have to continue to appeal to the people that come to us, and frankly, at some point people get sick of having us as the underdog and say, “Thank God, Yahoo’s back.”

Possibilities for the new brand include “your home on the Web.” The rebranding might coincide with the planned homepage redesign, which was pushed back to this fall.

Given the CEO’s penchant for four-letter words, however, I suppose we should just be grateful none of those figure into the brand’s future. Bartz is expected to address the subject at the company’s annual meeting today.

What do you think? Is a rebranding enough to reverse Yahoo’s fortunes, or will it take far more to get the #2 search engine going again?

  • So where does the “without F-Bombs” part come into play? Did I miss something?

  • “Given the CEO’s penchant for four-letter words.” Carol Bartz is a little famous for using the F-word . . . kind of a lot.

  • Yahoo has tremendous potential IMO but re-branding is a surface move. The real test will be how they can seamlessly integrate their many disparate properties and make a cohesive community that a consumer / customer can move around in and get value. If all the names match and al the logos look nice but it’s still hard to get from point A to point B it may not matter.

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  • Just Curious

    I have NEVER seen, or at least do not remember seeing, any Yahoo! logo other than the red.