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bing-logo-2-jWhile it is really early in the Bing v. All Things Search battle there are claims that Bing has surged past Yahoo Search to claim the number 2 search spot (of course, that tiny dot on the horizon is Google which isn’t even bothered by this kind of stuff). TechCrunch and others are talking about how this is, at the very least, a promising start for the folks at Microsoft as they try to be the Google Slayer.

Data from monitoring service StatCounter suggests that Bing, Microsoft’s new search decision engine, has overtaken Yahoo Search as the number two search service in the U.S. and worldwide in large part thanks to stealing market share from leader Google.

OK so let’s list the possible reasons for this happening:

  • All the hoopla around the Bing market introduction has created an initial interest spike
  • People want another search option other than Google and Bing serves that need
  • StatCounter is smart and is trying to get some pub
  • IE 6 users were forced to use Bing (and couldn’t un-Bing themselves until a fix was released by Microsoft)
  • Bing is just better?

Opinions will be varied on this for sure. If you are Microsoft you have to feel good that at least there was talk about a separation from the rest of search field. The real test will be in the next 30 / 60 /90 days to see if people are using it for real.

For those of you who like pictures here is the StatCounter information. So we have some idea of where this data came from TechCrunch reported that

StatCounter claims to measure the search and browsing behavior of over two million users and says it tracks in excess of ten billion pageloads per month over its network of three million websites


So is Bing the Thing?

  • Microsoft surpassed Yahoo! in search visitors a long time ago. Statcounter’s metric isn’t any better than any of the others out there.

  • Nathan

    I just find the title ironic “Bing Waves [Google wave?] as it passes Yahoo Search in First Week”

    Okay so I’m lame. I connected the two though.

  • @Nathan – lol. Lame is completely acceptable here especially as we approach the weekend. On most days it’s all I have anyway. Keep putting in your ‘lame’ 2 cents 🙂

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  • @Frank thanks for the support haha 🙂 I’m actually in Vietnam right now and it’s about 2am which contributes even more to my lameness 🙂

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  • Marco

    This might be a big shift. The question now is how this will affect lots of paid search budgets, as in: Does Microsoft Bing Change Paid Search?.

  • Regardless of the pathetic variances from Alexa to Compete to StatCounter and every other beyond flawed metric tracker, I really do believe that at least in the short run bing is going to grab share. So like you say Frank, it’s now a 30/60/90 day wait and see thing.

    I’ll say this though – I really do believe the hover/preview feature is innovative and will help a LOT of people make better decisions before clicking through to sites (until ppl learn how to game THAT feature of course). Combine that with $100million being thrown into ads and it was enough for me to recommend to my top clients to move 25% of their Google Ad Spend into bing for the next 90 days.

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  • If Microsoft forces all Internet Explorer to use only Bing, that will be a big game changer. Imagine how Microsoft can create a monopoly since 90%+ computer users uses Window…

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  • I think this is really possible. I trust StatCounter with this regard. Well if this is really true, Yahoo may be worried now!

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  • Microsoft is trying to dominate the world.. kidding 😛

    Anyway, I still love Google

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  • let us wait n watch the competition of search engines

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  • I have been really impressed with BING thus far…and I never liked Microsofts other search tools.

    Google seems slightly vulnerable to me…it is getting tougher to weed out spammy stuff when you search these days. Not sure BING will be any better in the future, but for now I think they are…

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  • Marco

    Why is there so much emotion (positive and negative) when a news story focuses on Microsoft? Let’s stick with the facts and how they might or might not impact us. In what ways is Bing better or worse than Google or Yahoo? How will (or should) Bing’s introduction affect marketers? Here are my newest thoughts on Bing, Yahoo!, and Google.

  • There is always a competitor in our lives. As long as the competition is running with a good manner, it is ok. The positive thinking is that we need to learn more and more everyday.

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  • Over the years and years no comp for Google. I mean no healthy comp. From my bottom of my heart i love Bing for their grant opening. Yahoo are planning to advertise Bing by spending about million of Dollars..

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  • Too early to really tell since its just over a week, the real challenge is keeping those searchers in… In a year we should all know if Bing has really toppled Yahoo on the 2nd spot.

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  • Interesting data. Look forward to seeing how Bing develops.

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  • I don’t see why people necessarily need a new search engine? If Google gives you the information you need then other than pure novelty why would people change.

    The funny thing with Bing is.. I tried to search about “what is Bing” it didnt give me a right answer so I had to head to Google to get the right answer! Not completely impressed have to say.

    Will Bakhos’s last blog post..Online Marketing – difference between good and bad.

  • Bing might steal some market from google at this initial stage. But in the long term it will lose all, and even more if MS does not add something really innovative.

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  • The name just has a certain ring to it, so I am trying Bing out. IUt also has local (South Africa) search, so it is a viable alternative to Google. It’s just that it is from….Microsoft….AAARGH