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I know lots of people were excited to try out Microsoft’s search engine. Good news! You should now find it’s live in your browser.

Don’t forget to check out our review–so you don’t miss some of the cool new features.

Once you’ve tried out Bing, come back and let me know what you think of it. Microsoft employees read Marketing Pilrim, so your feedback will be seen! 😉

  • Collin Lasko

    This is the first I’ve heard of Bing but after reading the comparison and doing some independent testing, I’m quite satisfied.

    The name is catchy and relevant, having a reliable secondary search engine (for now) is useful, and some of the new features have increased my search productivity.

    I especially liked the informative background, picture refinement, interface, and short url.

    There wasn’t anything I disliked about Bing off the bat and I feel too much precedence is given online to brand loyalties rather than how effective a product is at “xyz”, in this case search.

  • I like it a lot. I love the clear homepage and I like the fact that on my searches, I didn’t get any sponsored results at the top of the page which I think always clutters up Google. Time will Tell Andy but early indications are good. I’m going to double up every search I do for the next two days to see if it makes any difference on the results…

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  • The leader is already there in the market. Bing will have to prove itself. Its a new product and only time will tell how the users give their rating.

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  • I like Bing probably better than Google because it is still simple but more visually appealing. I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it as it is a busy Monday morning but I like it even more now that I see my website ranks for target keywords higher than in Google.

  • checking out today I not impressed – seems like the same Google results in a different wrapper with some balloons on it

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  • It looks like big players are back in the game

    Will it be a real competitor to Google? I wonder how this will influence SEO branch? To be honest, I doubt this will make a dent at all in the search engine market. The ‘features’ are few and far between – and are easily added to Google’s search engine.

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  • It looks appealing but in the end I am there to use it as a search, so the photo does not really matter. Did a few searches and it seemed to give me the same results as Google.

  • TP

    Its awesome .. especially the cool directions feature in the maps is great .. nice UI and features …

  • So first MSN became Live, but now Bing is live, i man Live is Bing, I mean MSN changed to Bing, which is now live…

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  • Smith
  • matt

    i went to Bing and searched “Negative feedback for” and it gave me 4 pages of not what i asked for. and when i goggled it i got many more choices. and it seems Microsoft has put Bing in the tabs of everything, which in turn corrupts data on all search engines.

    if Bing is going to be bias to itself on its own site, then what’s to say that it will ever be unbiased about everything else. its supposed to provide good answers, how can it do this when it’s seemingly over engineered.