Posted June 2, 2009 9:55 am by with 1 comment

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If you’re the person responsible for helping your company target its ads in social media, you’ve not had a fun time of it lately, have you?

First we learn that you’re probably not going to have the same budget allocation in 2009, then we learn that only 16% of social media users will care about your ads anyway.

Aww, bless.

Well, we have some good news! BuzzLogic sees your tear-filled eyes, and is coming to the rescue with the launch of its Conversational Advertising Dashboard. The new dashboard ties into BuzzLogic’s Conversation Ad Targeting (CPM) Platform and will enable "advertisers to gain insight into and capitalize on the rich conversations that are occurring across the Web through targeted ad placements,” says Rob Crumpler, CEO.

Bottom line? It helps you locate, target, and measure your ads within social media content. Capisce?

Here’s how it looks:

Here’s how to get it.