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When it comes to any kind of reputation management study, I’m normally deadly serious. This is my field of expertise after all.

Today, I’ve decided to have a little bit of fun with Weber ShandWick/KRC Research’s survey of 151 executives in Fortune 1000 companies. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for the report, but while reading the summary of findings, I couldn’t help but notice an interesting trend.

Observation 1: 66% of executives believe that the reputation of current CEOs is largely negative.

Observation 2: Of those that suggest CEO reputations are negative, 48% of them still aspire to one day accept the role of CEO.

Observation 3: The majority of these executives believe that CEO reputations will likely improve by the year 2013.

So, let’s piece that all together. Today’s CEOs have a lousy reputation. Their underlings want their job. They’ll likely get their chance in the next 3-4 years. When they take over, CEO reputations will be much better!

I wonder how many current CEOs are looking over their shoulder at this minute? 😉

  • I read the report as well and thought it was pretty funny. It was basically saying the CEO is viewed as negative right now but once I am in everyone will love me (which won’t be the case). I think a CEO of a large company will always have his/her critics it is just managing how many critics they have and what they are saying. If a CEO takes preventive measures and thinks about reputation with every move that helps with 90% of the problems.

  • I just gave a presentation to a group of 8 CEO’s and they were all very concerned about “false information” or what a few called “unverified” info floating across the social web. The group seemed very uncomfortable with the shift from traditional to social media and the lack of gatekeepers. I shared that they can have greater control of their reputation by getting out there and actually having a voice in the space. Perhaps those who think they can do better believe that a different approach to social media and media overall might be key in making that happen.
    BTW, Nice meeting you at WordcampRDU on Saturday, Andy.
    Angela Connor | @communitygirl

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  • @Angela – nice to meet you too! What CEOs need to remember is that this “unverified” info has existed for decades. However, instead of it being exchanged behind closed doors, it’s now out in the open for them to read and respond. Keep up the great work educating them! 🙂

  • That is it.

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