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Flickr Founder Has a Hunch that Bing Will Help Her Start-Up

What do smart companies do when they know they can’t compete with the #1 company in market? They create a new market!

After years of making claims of being the "next Google killer" it appears that today’s crop of start-ups are keen to distance themselves from the search engine giant–and any "search engine" tag–WolframAlpha and Bing are just two recent examples.

Now the LA Times reports that Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake’s new start-up, will take the exact same "unsearch" route–and piggyback off the millions being spent by Microsoft!

"We’re nothing like a search engine," Fake said in an interview from New York. "We’re more related to the answers sites."

"Bing is kind of doing us a big favor by popularizing the idea that people go online to make decisions. But I don’t think we’re competitive with them."

Hunch launches Monday and will require users to complete a personality test so it can then provide results that it has a "hunch" will be relevant to you.

So the next time you need a answer, you’ll have to decide if you want to search, compute, go on a hunch, or get a decision!