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Free Mobile App for Marketing, PR & Social Media News

Now this is a neat idea. Public relations firm MWW Group has launched a mobile app that lets you quickly read the top blogs in the areas of PR, marketing, and social media.

Called M.Insight, it’s basically an "install and forget" RSS reader that includes 54 blogs across 6 different categories–although you can add more blogs and categories, if you wish.

Watch this video for more details:

I’m impressed by this for two reasons. One, it’s a great little application that I’ll certainly use on my iPhone. Second, MWW has added their own news feed to the default, so they’re using the application to help promote their services. Smart!

PS. You’ll find Marketing Pilgrim’s feed, strangely enough, not in the "Marketing & Branding" category, but the "Advertising" one.

PPS. Do you think they had in mind that if they preloaded the app with the feeds of marketing bloggers, we’d talk about it? Nah, me neither. ;-)