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By Paige Filler

Let me preface this post by saying: If you don’t take the time to read you will miss out on the massive prizes below. Really. And it’s easy to win, no skills required.

Woman holding money and passes
Read on…

An Experiment in Social Web

It is starting to feel like the 60s again with everyone ‘experimenting’ (on the web). So, I figure the time has come for a little experiment of my own…(I’m Paige by the way).

Paige Filler

Enabler SEO

So, what is “Enabler SEO”? Well, it is a term I made up especially for you (I am sure it has many other names), but nonetheless it’s a principle, so you are welcome to call it what you want. Here is how it goes:

The biggest successes on the web all enable people to do something. Simple.

Chasing Traffic

For years SEO was *mostly* about chasing traffic and dominating SERPs (of course I know there is more to it). Today, around 50% of the traffic I see comes from social media, blogs and other referring sources, not a search engine.

Most SEOs now cover much more than engines alone, however the real pros have turned their focus to enabling their customers and visitors rather than just focusing on search indexing, rankings and links.

Women hitchhiking, man on bike

Great sites create opportunities for their users.

  • twitter enables one-to-many communication, fast.
  • Facebook enables you to control and share.
  • Youtube enables video.
  • Trackur enables you to have a clean image. 😀

All of these provide valuable services and enable their users to do something (most likely useful and often profitable).

The better you enable, the more dependent your user-base is on your services and the more likely they are to ensure your continued survival/ growth. Dependency comes not from forcing users or blind growth but from helping people achieve what they want.

What Does This Mean To You?

Do you get links for traffic? Are you constantly trying to reach the digg homepage? Are you looking for ‘relevant’ live links? All of that is meaningless if it doesn’t help your users.

Does your site enable anything or is it an information race with no direction? Now is a good time to think about how you will benefit your visitors in the future.

Dog with money in it's mouth

Putting My Money Where Your Mouth Is

In order to see if this works, lets see how we can use enabling SEO to achieve results in a real world scenario.

That means I need to enable a load of people to go on and have success themselves. So, with that in mind, what could I possibly do? Hmmmmm…no time to build another craigslist. I know…

Enabling You

I am going to give away the $10,000 in prizes for enabling you to further success. All you have to do is leave a comment stating which prize you’d like and why you think you should get it.

If you don’t like that, then list the prize and leave an SEO tip (maybe you’ll enable someone else).

That’s all. No 400 word essay. There are 23 prizes, so you have 23 chances.

Over $11K In Prizes

The prizes are worth over $11K in total (they are worth a lot more, but that is what they would cost you outright).
Man with a box of money

      The Bonuses

      With all those prizes being given away, I figured I would have to throw in something of my own, so we have 2 more prizes to add:
      22. $300 of professional copywriting from me, Paige 🙂
      23. $1000 of Video Ads from MeFeedia (Disclosure: thanks to my friend and client frank)

      The Rules

      The rules of the Marketing Pilgrim Scholarship Contest apply.

      Woman gagging on an octopus tenticleMy rules go like this:

      • 1 comment per prize you wish to win. You may try for all prizes once.
      • You may leave multiple comments but a maximum of 1 per day.
      • If you can’t follow the rules, then you are probably not capable of gaining full value from the prizes anyway.

      Prizes will be determined by entering everyone’s comment numbers into a hat and picking 23. Video will be put on social media somewhere.

      The Catch

      Of course there is a catch, but it’s not too bad. This post has to win the contest if you want to win your share. That means it needs more views than any of the others, it needs a low bounce rate and more than 2 minutes spent on this here page. Well, we want to guarantee a victory on all fronts don’t we?

      To help that situation, here is a fun video on technology.

      *RSS readers, click through to see the cool video, you know you want to. Work can wait.

      Or, if technology bores you (huh?), then try this.

      *RSS readers, click through for instant entertainment – or click here for more from Remi.

      So please send to your friends, tweet, digg, sphinn, stumble, bing (lol) and help spread the word (within the rules, please).

      A Couple of Points You May Have Noticed

      • The entire competition is a case of Enabler SEO (as is this post).
      • All links open in new windows – bad usability generally, but a good trick in some cases to lower bounce rate and increase time on site. 😉
      • I use SEO in the broadest sense of the word, (Replace with PPC, SEM or any other suitable appendage).
      • This post was automatically written by Yoast’s latest wordpress plugin Auto Copywriter (beta).

      Good luck & don’t forget to leave your comment(s) right below…

      This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 4th Annual SEM Scholarship contest.  [Andy’s Note: The prizes listed in the post may not reflect the contest’s actual prize package and prizes may not be transferable.]

      • Desire: One full pass to Search Engine Strategies San Jose.

        Why: I am fully employed in the SEM world, and have employed particularly effective tactics over the past year, including sitemapping for video thumbmails in SERPS to increase CTR. Although I search, read, understand, and execute in the discipline, my exposure/education has almost entirely been based in the online world. I have always dreamed of physically being part of a huge audience of search engine marketers. Learning. Thriving. Conversing. As one mass. Like a human version of the Internet that has been my inspiration and tutor. You’ve been a big part of my continuing education in the field, by the way. Thanks again for always inspiring and dropping knowledge.



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      • Glenn, as you are the first to comment I have to wish you good luck. 🙂

        Paige Filler’s last blog post..Pilgrim Filler ? Enabling SEO

      • Desire: Enrollment in a “Certified Search Engine Marketer Pathway” course at

        Why: I need to improve my search engine rankings for my blog, Debt-free Scholar.


        Nate @ Debt-free Scholar’s last blog post..June ‘09 Top College Post Winners

      • Thanks Paige for your good luck… and for expanding the prizes on your post.

        Best wishes, and looking forward to reading more from you on your blog – 🙂


        Glenn Friesen’s last blog post..Funny Tasting Notes Generator

      • I want the $300 copywriting from Paige because I will need some publicity help when my book publishes. :). Hope I didn’t need a non-selfish reason to win.

        I think the last thing I won was a free room at a hotel because I made a nice comment and they pulled it out of a hat. So I have some experience with hats and good luck.

      • landing page optimization training is where it’s at!

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      • Paige,

        I’ll take the $1000 of Video Ads from MeFeedia (Disclosure: thanks to your friend and client frank)

        And I must say – I just love how creative the concept is. You’re really stepping outside the box on this one. personally, I would call it “empowering” rather than “enabling” since enabling to me connotes a sense of not allowing someone to grow or succeed of their own accord. More like “better to teach someone how to fish than to hand them a fish”.

        Either way though, the best call to action comes when providing something of value, without a doubt.

        And though I’d seen the first video a couple times before, it’s been a while and was worth watching again. The 2nd video was pretty funny for sure!

        NOTE -the first comment asked for a free pass to SES but when I scrolled up all I saw was a free pass to SMX. What’s up with that?

      • @Sage By Nature – Hello Eleanor, thanks for the vote of confidence.

        @Alan – It was my bad, I was so busy checking that the links worked I didn’t notice I had copied the prize list from a previous year (they were on the same page). It’s been fixed, but 23 prizes in incorrect, it is 15 (same value, though).

        Good luck all. 🙂

        Paige Filler’s last blog post..Pilgrim Filler – Enabling SEO

      • Tam

        Fantasic concept, I hope we win
        Prize: $300 of professional copywriting from Paige
        Why: Selfish reason, I have a new site and need more content (astute content)

        Tam’s last blog post..Inspirationail Needs A Manicurist

      • Put me down for the PubCon all access pass please!

        I’m working on an eBook and your article gets me thinking about creative ways to promote it. The challenge is – at what point do giveaways lead to diminishing returns?

        Alan Bleiweiss’s last blog post..My Search Engine Journal Debut

      • 22. $300 of professional copywriting from me, Paige 🙂

        A little pro copywriting would go a longgggggggg way to help my latest project!

        deb@birdonawire’s last blog post..The Duchy of Grand Fenwick Vs Chicago

      • Trackur for me

        There is this guy called Andy Beal, and people keep linking to his posts and profiles using “Andy Beard” anchor text, or to my content and profiles using “Andy Beard”

        I am going to start getting people asking me when I am next visiting Hawaii.

        Andy Beard’s last blog post..Climbing The Heights Of Mount Google

      • Eli

        Prize: All Access Pass to Pubcon

        I would love to get the all access pass to Pubcon. Last year I attended Pubcon, and I have generated hundreds of thousands of visits from specific things I learned at pubcon. I would love to go again and double down on my knowledge.

        I have tweeted and facebooked this post to help with more traffic on this page.

      • Premium membership to SEOMOZ please!

      • Put me down on this one for the SMX pass please!

        Something I just thought of – since you’ll be drawing from the comments and giving away each of the prizes, I assume the possibility exists that someone can win more than one prize. Is that accurate?

        Alan Bleiweiss’s last blog post..My Search Engine Journal Debut

      • Good luck to everyone.

        Yes, you can leave one comment every day for any prize on the list. In theory, you could win all of them but I think probability rules that out. First we have to win the contest itself. 😉

        Paige Filler’s last blog post..Pilgrim Filler – Enabling SEO

      • Item Entered For: One year subscription (ten user license) to blog post management system RustyBudget.

        Nate @ Debt-free Scholar’s last blog post..June ‘09 Top College Post Winners

      • I’d be enthralled to have a free seat to MarketingExperiments’ 2009 Landing Page Optimization Training Tour. I’m a optimization-obsessive, but have been lacking in my landing page optimization, so it’s a very useful topic this time in my life! 🙂

        Plus, I’d love to tell everyone there about winning the seat on MarketingPilgrim. What a great way to break ice, get to know talented people, and spread the word on this phenomenal marketing resource! 🙂

        – Glenn

      • Oops – SF, specifically would be an awesome time and place to study Landing Page Optimization.
        My heart was left there…

      • Chris C

        Well, I’d love the All Access Pass to SMX East – I’ve been to SES New York and Pubcon, I’d like to kick it us a notch. I’m not a writer, not really that humorous person who can have you chortling with my response, so I’ll say that I’d really just love to be able to sit in on some new sessions, gain a different viewpoint, and meet other professionals in person.

        My SEO tip…or maybe SEO “head-bangingly obvious tip”… is that you shouldn’t try to rank for terms that are beyond what you can rank for, and look at what you need. Then you can focus your efforts on increasing the experience on the site instead of working to rank for a single-word keyword phrase that doesn’t qualify searchers in any significant manner.

      • It would rock if I could get the: All Access Pass to Pubcon
        Why, cause it is the one conference I have never been too that I really want to go to

      • Chris C

        Sent this post to some of my friends – the ones who I thought would be interested! Hope it helps!

        Another prize I wouldn’t mind winning – All Access Pass to Pubcon. I went to Pubcon two years ago, and it was fantastic. I learned a lot, made a lot of contacts, and picked up a lot of swag. Which probably took a year or two off my life carrying back to the hotel.

        I love that your post is an example of what you’re preaching. I’ve been talking about this for years (although not as clearly as you’ve posted here), so it’s great to see someone else taking the soapbox.

      • I managed to remember to come back for another shot at a prize. It would rock if I could get the: Six months premium membership to

        Why, I really want be on the inner circle of Danny’s awesome company

      • Alan Bleiweiss

        What I really hope is that everyone who comes back remembers the rules and sticks to the page long enough, AND doesn’t bounce but clicks around the site to pay homage to the mighty Marketing Pilgrim!

        While I’m here expressing such a concern, I request that this entry be associated with my winning $300 worth of professional copy writing from the PaigeGodess

      • Chris C

        Prize Request: Twelve months of Enterprise reputation monitoring from

        Why: I’d like to become more adept at reputation management. I manage a bit with a few tools to help me, but it’d be awesome to consolidate.

      • $300 copy writing from Paige please.

        She got good words. Brilliant article, hope you/we win.

      • I would like “Six months premium membership to”

        Nate @ Debt-free Scholar’s last blog post..5 Ways To Show Your Patriotism… Frugally

      • Did I miss the ending date. Just in case i am still good: It would rock if I could get the: Free seat to Jill Whalen’s High Rankings SEO Training Classes. Why, because I love Jill, been reading her newsletter forever and would be honored.

      • Chris C

        I’d also love the autographed copy of Andy Beal’s book Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online. I’ve been following Andy Beal a long time, and I’d love to have his book AND autography.

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