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Speak to most Mac geeks and soon into the conversation you’ll likely learn of their love affair for the Quicksilver tool that allows them to launch apps in just a few key strokes.

Google wants a piece of that action! The launch of Google Quick Search Box–QSB for short–sees the search giant going head-to-head not only with Quicksilver, but Apple’s baked-in Spotlight search tool.

So, why might you switch to QSB. Well, if you’re not tempted by the artificial intelligence behind it:

As you use the Google Quick Search Box more, it will learn which results you are likely to want. The goal here is that we get you to what you’re looking for as quickly as possible. In the above example, if you chose Google Calendar, the next time you search for "cal", Google QSB will reorder the results so that you don’t have to arrow down to your desired choice. Instead, you can just type "cal" and press enter.

There’s the Twitter plug-in for QSB–which will let you send tweets from inside the tool. (Isn’t adding Twitter to an app the equivalent of pouring chocolate sauce over it?)

From what I can tell, QSB is Mac only (Windows users already have something similar) and you can get it here.

  • It is pretty good. It is not as powerful as QS but it is more intuitive and the development pace is good. If you are a novice/moderate user of QS, QSB might be a better fit

    Here is my guide to the just released QSB. [link moved to profile]