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One of the major usability issues with Google Blogger has long been making the millions of blogs hosted on the service searchable on an individual basis. While the Blogger header bar featured a search box, many bloggers didn’t want the Blogger-branded bar “cluttering” their blog.

A year ago, Google first started testing a solution—a search box that could be placed in a sidebar. Like in WordPress, the search box was available as a sidebar widget (“Gadget”)—but only in Blogger in Draft. At the same time, Google announced an embeddable comment form in Blogger in Draft.

The embeddable comment form moved to full-fledged Blogger in October, but the search box remained in Blogger Draft. Eight month later, the search box is finally joining the Blogger widget family.

To add the widget, go to Layout—Add a Gadget. Select search box. (The pop up window also gives a preview of the search results.)

Where the old Blogger search on the header bar showed the results integrated with the blog template, the new search box creates a results frame above the blog content (search box in the left sidebar; results box in the main post column):


The tabbed results frame also offers results from web pages linked from your blog, and the web at large. If you have a link list, that’s a fourth option for a tab. If you don’t want these tabs, these options can be customized when you add or edit the Gadget.

Overall, this is a good step toward making Blogger a stronger hosted blogging platform. Making the individual blogs more powerful and user friendly is definitely a smart move. The only question here is: is this too little, too late?

  • I’m not really a fan of Google’s mini searches. By that I mean anything that isn’t their main search engine (Which is the best). For some reason, Google results on small scares always get messy for me. I have no idea why, but they never really give me what I’m looking for.

    That being said, I’ll still give it a try before passing judgment… not that I’m thinking of moving to Blogger.

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  • given all the other short comings of blogger, i hope they will continue the improvements.

    WorldWatching’s last blog post..ebay changes the rules? again!