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Google would like you to know that you are slowing down its plans to organize the world’s information. In fact, your lame web site is slowing down the internet in general.

OK, so maybe not your web site, but enough web sites are still relying on old technology and practices, that Google wants to put an end to it. Accordingly, Google has launched a new resource with best practices for speeding up your web site.

Some of the recommendations might need your web developer, but most of the advice should be easy enough to implement. If you’re not convinced, Google has developed a brainwashing educational video to help explain the benefits of us all speeding up our sites.

OK, now it’s time for the cynic in me to be unleashed. Is Google seeing that its indexing technology is unable to scale? Why is Google concerned about the need for speed? Sure, web sites have gotten bloated, but aren’t broadband speeds getting faster? Surely on the user-side, we have enough speed in our download pipe to handle even the bulkiest of web sites? If that’s the case, does this mean that the real issue is Google’s ability to scale its spidering to match?

What happens if we don’t comply with Google’s plea? Will it grind to a halt by the year 2020?

  • Guy Handly

    Hmmmmm. Can anyone say NET NEUTRALITY!?! Providing an instructional video on “HOW to drink the kool-aid” does NOT absolve you from accountability. OPEN interchange made google what it is. Maybe they should stop trying to be like micro$oft and back the f*** off.

  • a lot of the suggestions mentioned here are the same things that yahoo has mentioned in the development of their Yslow firebug addon. Google’s tool does seem to go a tad further but both google and yahoo are mentioning some of the same things and citing some of the same resource.

  • Man, talk about a let down. The internet should be faster. NO SHIT. That’s a no brainer. Help developers, fight for standards… Can you say self serving interests??? Google, you own me three minutes.

  • Ed

    hmmm. I don’t think there’s an internet user out there that doesn’t want a much faster running internet. I do salute Google here though for talking about it – there are many things a web designer can do to speed up their pages, something that lots of designers ignore.

    It does seem to be stating the obvious though…

    … and are they talking to ISPs and phone companies? Many are still not providing decent download speeds…

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