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google-squaredWhile Bing’s busy launching its new decision engine and Wolfram Alpha tries to wow us with its computational prowess, Google has publicly launched Google Squared.

Previewed back in May, Google Squared is “an experimental search tool that collects facts from the web and presents them in an organized collection, similar to a spreadsheet.”

And to that, I say whoop-dee-doo. OK, maybe I’m missing something here, but can I ask a question? WHY?

Over at the Official Google Blog, we get the cute story about being able to compare roller coasters–and I know my wife will love the data for dog breeds and Hawaii–but do we really need this?

Here’s how it looks in practice:


I’m just not seeing how this type of data is going to appeal to the masses. In fact, it makes the limited appeal of Wolfram Alpha look down right sexy.

I tell you what. Let’s both watch the video explanation, and then you can drop me a comment with your thoughts. Deal? Thanks!

  • Looks like Wikipedia in a spreadsheet.

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  • Ed

    I actually like this, I think it’s a pretty useful tool. Sure, it has limited appeal and fairly specific uses, but another useful addition to the world of search…

  • Andy,
    The application may be quite beneficial for searchers/ buyers of ‘technical’/ industrial products — and the number of such people aren’t insignificant by any means. Sure this may not be of mass appeal and may not even apply for a vast number of searches, but there definitely is value in seeing results in a structured format.


  • Jere Davis

    I Ioved using GxG. It is amazing and the accuracy is very good for the complexity of the operations. Easy to use and intuitive. Great new tool for collecting data.

  • Sure, it won’t have many people using it, but it is actually kinda nice to see some data like that. Presenting the data like that helps.

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  • I can see how it could be useful, but somehow you need to be able to define what is you want compared.

    I typed CD Rates and that request hung. Now granted that is a little ambigous. I typed Best CD Rates, and it gave results, but not organized to be helpful for comparisions.

    I tried corvettes and got some car results, but also some other non-car.

    I then typed a series of 19xx Corvette Speed. This time it gave me some price comparisons.

    So I think it has a long way to go.