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By Asif Anwar

Article Theme Versioning, was chosen as the name for this strategy. Because, you make many unique articles by making version of a specific theme of an article. So, each version contain the same theme. With Article Theme Versioning, you can create hundreds of articles from just one seed article. It involves manual versioning, word spinning, and sentence shuffling. The problem with spinning softwares is that you have to stay on their mercy for quality. But, in Article Theme Versioning with MS Excel you have the total control of your contents.

Why do you need Article Theme Versioning?

  • Content was the King, but recently unique contents are the new King.
  • Google now uses a duplicate content filter, which filters out your website if you have duplicate contents. Soon the other search engines will follow the same strategy to wipe out Plagiarism.
  • There was a golden era of article promotion and press release submission, when you could gain search engine positions by marketing the same article. But, duplicate content filter slapped this form of marketing. But, Article Theme versioning can revive this marketing technique once again.
  • Links from various sites with varied contents, have proven to be very affective for getting ranks in Google. Even for directory submission with <250 character snippet contents, any SEO professional will advise you to use altered contents. The more altered contents, the better.
  • Google and other search engines like unique contents and can assign authority to your site if you have large amount of unique contents on the same subject.
  • Google understands that gaming their algorithm is easy by creating links with copy-paste duplicate contents or articles throughout the web. Someday, they might treat links from duplicate contents to be commercially generated, not given voluntarily.
  • Writing totally new and unique contents can increase your cost in copywriting and decrease your speed in online marketing.
  • If you already have a compelling Web Copy, then you can add value to it through Article Theme versioning.
  • There are millions of webmasters, bloggers, copywriters that are looking for contents for their websites or blogs. Use their hunger as your Link Baiting strategy and provide them free Private Label Rights (PLR) articles for their use with a deep link back to the source of your compelling article.

Why MS Excel

For Article Theme Versioning, traditional content spinning or twisting software isn’t used. Instead, we’ll use the most effective tool, MS Excel. MS Excel is great tool for computation, and has been a companion for Search Marketers throughout the world. It is a very strong string or text manipulation tool and we mostly don’t know the use of it. We’ll use MS Excel to generate hundreds of unique articles from one. Here are the major reasons why I like MS Excel for Article Theme Versioning:

  • MS Excel has many complex formula to handle and manipulate string or text very easily.
  • MS Excel comes with a Thesaurus for Synonyms (easily replace synonyms by Alt + Clicking) which you can replace for getting more spinned sentences.
  • You can spin sentences in Ms Excel faster than any other word processing software.
  • You can automate sentence spinning and shuffling without giving much effort in manually creating unique articles.
  • Since the quality of the articles depends on the input you give, you can have total control of the quality of the contents.
  • You can convert the MS Excel files into XML, which can be used in other software or online tools for content automation or management.

How Will it Work?

One thing needs to be made clear. The whole process is manual. i.e. you have to write different versions of the same article and then change each word in the sentence for spinning. However, automated scrambling and shuffling of sentences in the article follow planned patterns to have very little duplicate sentence. Ok, here goes our content versioning, spinning, shuffling methodology:

Phase 1 – Sentence Versioning

First, you have to manually rewrite 4 versions of the article and make structural change in the sentences. But, we keep the same semantic meaning (theme) of each sentences.

For example:
Version-1: I eat rice.
Version-2: As a meal, I only take rice.
Version-3: I usually eat rice every day.
Version-4: Rice is my staple food.

This is just sample of a sentence. But, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th versioning is done manually for all the sentences. So, if there is about 40 sentences in one version, then we have 40X4=160 sentences.

Please triple click each cell to copy the contents in each cell. Keeping all the contents in HTML format will work better for you to keep the formats along with the template.

Phase 2 – Content Quality Measure

First, do a spell check, so that the same spelling errors are not replicated elsewhere. Then, make sure that the 4 versions are Copyscape verified. Because, before you start spinning and shuffling, you need to make sure that they are not used elsewhere. If duplicate is found, then rewrite them. Also do a Keyword Density Analysis through various SEO Suites and ensure that the first and last 100 words contains the target keyword with mentions in the article 2-3 times. This will ensure you that you will not replicate the copied contents.

Phase 3 – Sentence Tabbing

Now, to utilize the manually versioned articles to create more sentences, you need to spin them. And to spin the sentences, you need to have them in order. Having the words in different cells will allow you to manipulate them easily. To do that, you need to put a Tab between the words in Notepad, and then paste them back to MS Excel. So that, you can easily place the words in cells. For the ease in manipulating the sentences, I’ve divided the sentences in 10 cells. However, you can divide the sentences in as much cells you want.

Please triple click each cell to copy the contents in each cell.

Phase 4 – Sentence Spinning

Last time, we’ve made structural change in sentence manually. Now, we’ll make synonymous change in those sentences within the same sentence structure and create 10 more spinned variation from each sentences.

For example:
Version-1: Telecommunications expense is categorized as one of the top five costs for most businesses as companies are losing more and more money these days.
Version-2: Telecom expenditure is granted as one of the top 5 expenditures for most enterprises as companies are getting less money these days.
Version-3: Telecom cost is deemed as one of the most significant costs for most companies as enterprises are gradually losing money in recent years.
Version-4: Call cost is regarded as one of the top 5 expenses for most enterprises as businesses are throwing away more money recently.

This is the most crucial part of Article Theme Versioning. This phase consumes most of your time, but generates a lot of sentences for you to shuffle. And this phase has most of the quality factors that you should always consider.

Create separate spinning tab for each manual versions. Pull each sentences 3 times in the Spinning Tab ("Referring Sentences" portion). In the example below, we can pull the same sentence 3 times and then use Alt+Click to replace a word with synonym. While, changing a word or phase with synonym, please keep an eye on the meaning of the sentence.

Then, using the "Index" formula, you can scramble the words ("Word Scrambling" portion). The below example gives a specific pattern of scrambling. However, if you wish, you can create another type of scrambling pattern. The scrambling pattern is random, not systematic. However, the pattern should not be redundant and you have to make sure that the pattern generates less duplicates. Therefore, the below scrambling pattern is planned in such a way to reduce duplicacy in the sentences and randomize the scrambling.

This scrambling pattern will generate 9 sentences from the 3 lines in the "Referring Sentence" portion. After the scrambling of words you have to use the "Concatenate" formula to join the words to make the sentences (in "Concatenating Words" portion). Along with the original sentence and the scrambled/spinned sentences, you have 10 versions of the same sentence.


Referring Sentences

  A B C D E F G H I J
0 Original Sentence                  
1 A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 H1 I1 J1
2 A2 B2 C2 D2 E2 F2 G2 H2 I2 J2


A3 B3 C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 H3 I3 J3
  Word Scrambling
  L M N O P Q R S T U
1 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,10)
2 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,10)
3 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,10)
4 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,10)
5 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,10)
6 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,10)
7 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,10)
8 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,10)
9 =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,1) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,3,2) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,3) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,4) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,5) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,6) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,7) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,8) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,1,9) =INDEX($A$1:$J$3,2,10)
  Concatenating Words
  =IF(A0=0, " ",A0)

=CONCATENATE(L1," ",M1," ",N1," ",O1," ",P1," ",Q1," ",R1," ",S1," ",T1," ",U1)

  =CONCATENATE(L2," ",M2," ",N2," ",O2," ",P2," ",Q2," ",R2," ",S2," ",T2," ",U2)
  =CONCATENATE(L4," ",M3," ",N3," ",O3," ",P3," ",Q3," ",R3," ",S3," ",T3," ",U3)
  =CONCATENATE(L5," ",M4," ",N4," ",O4," ",P4," ",Q4," ",R4," ",S4," ",T4," ",U4)
  =CONCATENATE(L5," ",M5," ",N5," ",O5," ",P5," ",Q5," ",R5," ",S5," ",T5," ",U5)
  =CONCATENATE(L6," ",M6," ",N6," ",O6," ",P6," ",Q6," ",R6," ",S6," ",T6," ",U6)
  =CONCATENATE(L7," ",M7," ",N7," ",O7," ",P7," ",Q7," ",R7," ",S7," ",T7," ",U7)
  =CONCATENATE(L9," ",M8," ",N8," ",O8," ",P8," ",Q8," ",R8," ",S8," ",T8," ",U8)

=CONCATENATE(L10," ",M9," ",N9," ",O9," ",P9," ",Q9," ",R9," ",S9," ",T9," ",U9)

If we previously had about 160 sentences. Now, we have 160 X 10 = 1600 sentences. Now you have to use these sentences to generate unique articles. Here is a sample (look below at the last column for spinned versions of the sentences):

Please triple click each cell to copy the contents in each cell.

Phase 5 – Sentence Shuffling

Now, we actually have 4 X 10 versions of the same sentence among all the 1600 sentences. So, we  now have to shuffle the sentences of the different versions and try to accommodate as many versions of the article as we can with less than 25% duplicate contents. For that, we have to shuffle sentences at a certain level. If we have about 40 sentences, then you can shuffle 10 versions (25% of 40 sentences). This is a simple math, but you can verify duplicate contents with many duplcaite % checking softwares available online and stop at one level when you are generating more than 25% duplcaite contents.

For that bring all the generated spinned sentences of same meaning in a separate tab and place them in a single row. And organize the various 4X10 versions of the sentences vertically in columns. After you have them in a separate tab, you are ready to shuffle the sentences using the below Shuffling Patterns inside the Concatenate formula to join the sentences of the articles. The organization of spinned sentences should look like the example below:

Please triple click each cell to copy the contents in each cell.

Sentence Shuffling Patterns

For generating the full article, we’ll use various shuffling patterns like:

  • Straight,
  • Diagonal shuffling,
  • Reflecting diagonal shuffling,
  • Alternate diagonal shuffling,
  • Alternate reflecting diagonal shuffling,
  • 2nd alternate diagonal shuffling,
  • 2nd alternate reflecting diagonal shuffling,
  • 3rd alternate reflecting diagonal shuffling,
  • and so on.

Straight Shuffling

Figure 1 – Straight Sentence Shuffling

Diagonal Shuflfing

Figure 2 – Diagonal Sentence Shuffling

Reflecting Diagonal Shuflfing.JPG

Figure 3 – Reflecting Diagonal Sentence Shuffling

Alternate Reflecting Diagonal Shuflfing.JPG

Figure 4 – Alternate Reflecting Diagonal Sentence Shuffling

For articles, prefer Reflecting Diagonal Sentence Shufflings, since it creates lesser duplicates than only Diagonal Sentence Shufflings. However, if the amount of sentences are few (in case of Snippet Contents), only Diagonal Sentence Shufflings are preferred. The alternation in shuffling (2nd, 3rd, 4th …) can go on up to 10 versions (5th Alternate) as was mentioned earlier. In ideal 40-50 sentence articles, going beyond 5th Alternate Diagonal Shuffling will mean duplicates more than 20%. Here, I’ve showed only downard diagonal shuffling. So, you can create more articles by going upward also.

Phase-6 – Article Theme Versioning Output

We need to parse the contents into a separate tab, so that we can have all the articles togather. And make output as per requirement, either as raw spreadsheet, text, html or xml versions. In this stage, we should do: spell checking (again), replacing periods (.) with periods with a following space (. ) to eliminate spelling errors made by not using space after period, and then replacing the double/triple/quadruple spaces into single space, etc.

Please triple click each cell to copy the contents in each cell.

So here is the output you have:
Best Quality Content: 4 Unique versions manually rewritten articles
Better Quality Content: 40 spinned versions with less than 10% duplicate contents
Good Quality Content: 520 shuffled versions with less than 25% duplicate contents. However, this amount can be less.

What About Snippet Contents

For directory submission and small link posting, you also need altered Snippet Contents that are less than 250 characters. However, since the amount of sentences are low, the amount of duplicate contents are more than 20%. However, you can get a huge number of Snippet Contents that are altered using the same methodology. You can create 5000+ versions of Snippet Contents from 10 Snippet Themes and no Snippet Content will be unique.


This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 4th Annual SEM Scholarship contest.

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  • Hi,

    It looks really complex. Does it do more than wordflood, currently I used?


  • @AirForceOne thanks for your comment. However, I am not sure about Wordflood. However, with Article Theme Versioning, you can have uniue articles in natural language, not gibrish contents. But, you qare the one that has to maintain the quality of the article.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..Joomla SEO Checklist – Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

  • This is really very complex business intelligence methods. I am trying to apply this in my daily life. Great Work – Asif

  • Just found on Twitter. Interesting reading, quite complex to achieve but very smart. Congrats and many thank for sharing it.

  • It seems to me that the only reason that you would want to do this would be to flood the internet with similar content and to drive traffic to your site in order to monetize what may be redundant and poorly written content.

    You are taking the spirit of the blog, which is to share personal or business information, musings, ramblings or news worthy material and developing a way to recycle it in scores of different ways.

    It just feels wrong to me.

    Phil Peretz’s last blog post..Michael Jackson: the overlooked legacy

  • Seems like an awful lot of work goes into this to set it up, but, yes, I can well imagine that it will create tons of “different” content. However, that said, I would still prefer, still do prefer, actually, using the [spin][/spin] tags in Free Traffic System (, which allows the writer manually to spin content and then have all those quite different versions sent to a bunch of blogsites, delivering up a wonderful plethora of content-rich based backlinks to your sites. Great SEO tool, Free Traffic System is.

  • It’s an intriguing idea for taking original content and reshuffling it to generate more content which looks unique to the search engines.

    Which is ok – if your primary audience is a search engine.

    But wrong if you want to provide a human audience with original, well-written and intellectually stimulating content

    I think you can get similar results with less effort and still maintain quality by shuffling paragraphs and sentence order

    My 2c

    Danny Lieberman

    Danny Lieberman’s last blog post..Ethics and data loss prevention

  • Looks like a brilliant method but feels awfully spammy. This may not be so good if you’re looking to rank for long tail terms either, but it could work to some extent when you create new sentences.

    What’s the bet search engines could catch onto this soon enough, though?

    Rob Kingston’s last blog post..Shhh? Don’t Tell Anyone Yet!

  • Adi

    As Phil said, this is a very black hat method of content creation. Churning out thousands of articles scraped from the web and altered slightly in the hope that a few people click on the Adsense displayed on those pages is an old black hat tactic and this seems very much in that vein. I’m sure the technique behind it is very good but I question the wisdom of ever using it to produce content for your site.

  • Thanks for the nice share Asif bhai.

  • Asif vai thanks for great post. This write is sufficient helpful for all people. I will try this way when I write any press release or article. This post is very valuable for me.

  • @Phil Peretz and @Adi

    I have researched on some Article Spinning software. The problem is, they rarely generate articles with natural language. That’s why I had to go on with my own strategy. And I have managed to have more human input than automation. The theme shouldn’t be used with poorly written contents. Rather, it should be used for compelling articles. Otherwise, the versioning will be a waste of time.


    The problem with this strategy is same theme aka same article. If you have blackhat intention, then you can use it to create a lot of blogs spread throughout the web and all saying the same thing. However, if you have whitehat intention, you will give away free contents to those that are looking for contents. This is can be a great link baiting strategy. So, this can work for both white and black hats. So, it is also upto you, how you will use the contents.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..Joomla SEO Checklist – Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

  • Dip

    Great article ! But lets use it for good purpose…………

  • Looks like time consuming process, well there are even easy cheap solutions available. BUT I liked that you really thinked out of the box.

    Great share

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    Naseem Ahmed

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    But I was very impressed with the scope and thought of this post.
    Anytime you want to guest post and get DO follow links back and heavy promotion Holla
    Excellent work

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  • Interesting article – I kept looking for a download of a speadsheet with all the formulas already in it. It might be nice to make that available.

    Ron McDanel’s last blog post..Small Business Social Media Expert

  • Asif Vai,

    A great piece of work. I salute you for your hard works.
    At the first impression, the article seems very complex but after through and continuous study, i think i am getting the basic concept.
    I personally believe you as a great person with great knowledge. You just prove me right once again.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article.
    Good Day.

  • Asif, this truly amazing( i mean the way put this complex concept in this post)

    But i feel this is not worth to follow , as there would be no quality.

    “SEO professional will advise you to use altered contents” i dnt agree with one of your point. I believe SEO professionals suggest to use quality content and not the altered content.

    Though there are couple of controversies i still appreciate for taking out some time to put this complex structure in a simplified process…. But Alas, i wouldnt use this method instead hire an content writer.

    Ramakrishna’s last blog post..FaceBook Fan pages Username

  • Ram Kr Shukla

    Asif dada,

    You have made an excellent effort. It can be used in the market for quick content generation rather than to rank a competitive website with good content stuff will not work.
    However the way you have summarize the technique is remarkable.
    Keep it up…

  • @John Sullivan thanks for leaving your comment and compliment.

    @Ron McDanel, I have the article in Google Docs at I am giving access to bloggers who wants to blog about this article.

    @Mishu thanks for your nice words.

    @Shukla Ji, I don’t recommend same article throughout the web. This strategy is meant for those who want to save time and money on copywriting. This is a litle shortcut with manual work with emphasis on natural language and quality contents; unlike any other content spinning softwares. If I’d recommed this, then I would have kept it secret, wouldn’t I?

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..Joomla SEO Checklist – Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

  • Malorye Allison


    Terrific work as usual. As I writer, I like to think that original content is just that, but I have seen many sites that are paying by the click recommend “reconfiguring” popular articles without saying exactly how to do that without plagiarizing yourself. You seem to have worked it out. Very interesting and thanks for the great post.

  • Dear,
    Its really nice idea for generate hundred of article form one article.
    I think its a revolution from you. Just like a Article Revolution.
    I appreciate this article.
    And I’ll marking this article 99.9 out of 100.

    In-Charge of e-Marketing,
    Color Experts International (CEI).

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    Excellent idea for generate hundred of article form Single article.
    Pro’s: Those who want to save time and money on copywriting.

    Corns: I don’t think in future reader read this type article and they stop ready due to this repeated words… Actual reader want to read new, want to read creativity article and learn author express way, something different so just advice to all of you don’t used this strategy otherwise no one stay more than 5 min…

    Stop spinning article, give unique content so visitor get happy and return to your website again and again..

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    Thanks for providing such a useful post for creating n number of articles from a single article. Your effort really deserves a kudos from us.

    I will give it a try soon for my website.


  • I have to say that I don’t really understand it and as boring as my niche is (loans,finance,etc) I would still prefer to write my own posts and articles or pay for someone to do them…don’t think you can beat the human touch.

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    This is an excellent idea!

    From the Software Intelligence perspective, it is brilliant!

    I think, it could generate good content for Google. Hopefully, it gets good enough content for human reading.

    Excellent work!

    I am posting it on all my bookmark networks to help you on promoting this article.



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    Excellent work buddy …

    Unfortunately my clients read …


  • Great Idea will be using this for my site I think this will be beneficial.

  • One of the best use for this is for Press Releases. They all have the same content anyway. But, with unique contents you can attract more visitors than the same news spread throughout the web.

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    Not for me. 🙁

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  • It seem to me that i won’t able to do it! I tried to do it, but did’t success. However, can u send me a sample copy with ms excel file? if you can, plz send me to my email. Give me whole proses to make article by Ms Excel.

    I got this information from my brother “Hasan”, he tried to help me but at last he didn’t. Maybe u added with him in facebook. His website is

    I’m always in google talk, if u wish u can add me by in google talk.

    plz help me, i need it!!!

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    But why people use automation.Ans is to reduce work and time.This method needs time as well as patience.But it is true that hard work always pays those who will follow this method will be beneficiary.
    overall any research work should be appreciable all time.

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  • Asif,

    First congrats for putting on load of hardwork, time and energy for coming up with this brilliant and novice strategy.

    You have always inspired me with your work and the new idea’s you bring into. Since last year also your entry to SEM Scholarship contest was fantastic and it was the great read.

    No doubt techniques you mentioned in this article to create 100 of unique articles with same theme is remarkable….

    I wish & pray for you to be Winner!

    Good Luck!

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  • @all thanks for your comments.

    The problem with this method is that it is not fully automated. So, there is fault. But, good thing about it, is that it can generate good quality articles if you can write it well. So, in terms of quality and not fully automating your article, you can try this method for press releases or directory snippet submissions.

    @Afzal you can try out the method for Sulumits Retsambew SEO Contest.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..Joomla SEO Checklist – Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

  • Hey Asif,

    For sure, I’ll implement it…..and share my experience with you. On paper everything looks good/bad, easy/tough…..Honestly real essence is only when we try out things in practical!

    I do feel, your method is far better choice in comparison of using any automated article marketing software….

    PS: I avoid using automated software’s or tools.

    Afzal Khan’s last blog post..Sulumits Retsambew – Social Bookmarking and Networking Sites

  • Great Idea. excellent post.

  • very nice article on SEM.

  • Happy to see a Bangladeshi person is writing on Marketing Pilgrim 🙂

    Back to the topic, no doubt this is a complex way to rewrite. After doing this, does it pass CopyScape 100%?

  • Nadia ali

    how do i download or get this software? could you tell me in details?

  • @Shabu Thanks. In Phasse 2 of this method, you have to qualify the articles that you manually rewritten through Copyscape. If that is done, then all the spinning and shuffling will not create any duplicate contents. The possibility of getting duplicates is as same as typing a line of poetry, if you keep a monkey and and typewritter togather 🙂

    @Nadia I have the file in Google Docs. So, if I have your Gmail ID, then I can share it with you. I have posted the link to the file earlier in a comment. You can visit the file there and request for access.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..Joomla SEO Checklist – Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

  • Nadia ali

    i have requested. approve it.

  • Great Idea. excellent post.

  • Rex

    The best post I’ve read on article writing. I’m always explaining spinning and this is going straight to my article writers.

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  • Did you ever contact Fantomaster? They introduced their system at SES Hamburg, Germany in 2008.

  • Rather than submitting one article to 100 article directories, using your technique if anyone submit 100 unique articles , he will receive better result

  • abhi

    Hello friend i like your post, can u provide sample excel sheet..

  • Oh Wow, this is very detailed. I’m not sure if this method is as effective as it used to be. I think the only way one could write a unique article now days is simple write it from their own perspective. But this is very time efficient I must admit. Great job.

  • A huge resource to write a article with excel theme. Thanks for share.

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