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iphone-thumb.jpgThis information comes from eMarketer by way of ReadWriteWeb and it conjures up some thoughts about why the following is found to be true. iPhone users recall advertising seen on their smartphones better than those of other smartphone providers like RIM’s BlackBerry. This probably is not a shock to many but for marketers it poses the question of how now address a market based on device in addition to other demographic and psychographic markers.

The data below shows the whole picture


While the data obviously shows a significant difference in whether various ads are recalled the big question is why? Are iPhone users smarter ‘smartphoners’? Are they just more able to process the data since they tend to skew a bit younger and are more accustomed to the pace of information flow (unlike myself who happily suffers from severe ad blindness)? Are they seeking the information in a different way thus making them more prepared to receive and recall the ads? There are a ton of questions that can be raised from this kind of data and obviously affect how marketers slice and dice the market place to reach this particular kind of ad sponge.

eMarketer does raise a good question though

But are iPhone users a viable demographic target? After all, Nielsen estimated that only 5.9% of US households owned or rented an iPhone in Q3 2008.

While appearing to be smaller what isn’t reflected in that number is the influence factor. iPhone users tend to be opinion leaders. I use a BlackBerry Storm and I do suffer from iPhone envy. Now, I have been known to give an opinion from time to time but as far as factors such as popularity and coolness the iPhone has all others beat pretty bad right now.

Frederic Lardinois of ReadWriteWeb wonders

With the impending release of the Palm Pre and the large number of Android phones in the handset makers’ pipeline, it will be interesting to see if these numbers will look similar on phones that are able to offer comparably compelling experiences

So Pilgrims let’s hear it. What makes the iPhone user more ad worthy? Is the reason due to the cool quotient or the ‘I spend too much time staring at screens’ quotient? As always your opinions are welcomed since we figure that more than a few influencers stop by here from time to time.

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  • I think we are over analyzing here. I don’t think it’s the user facilitating the better memory of ads, but the device itself. The iPhone browser is a real browser, shows real web pages closer to how they appear on the desktop than any other phone. I can barely read the content itself on a WAP page or whatever crippled rendering my Blackberry calls it’s browser, much less be able to give mindshare to ads.

    I think it’s as simple as the iPhone doesn’t show web pages in a garbled stacked DIV mess and users can devote their attention to the page as designed, including ad placements.

    A better question to ask is are the CTR rates higher for mobile users for display ads over text ads since logically it seems like in the zoomed out mode they would gain more context from a glance.

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  • Everything was great until I found MMS in this list. iPhone doesn’t have it, so how it can be compared?

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  • Is it because us mac users are just smarter and more on-the-ball? 😉

    I think it’s likely that it comes down to the use of the phones in question. iPhone users tend to be less business-based, and so if they’re not working on their phones, they can concentrate on adverts more.

    It also might have something to do with the displays – the iPhone is just gorgeous to look at and use, whereas the Blackberrys aren’t so pleasant, everything is smaller. Just watch users of the two devices: from my experience iPhone users look far more relaxed when using their phones compared to Blackberry users, who always look angry to me…

  • do you ythink it could be how the ads on the i phone are positioned and situated to come in the right place.

  • That’s what I’m thinking. Publishers are placing their ads in locations designed to optimize the best balance between usability and visibility (or at least they should) for desktop users and the iPhone browser does a good job of respecting the original design while other mobile browsers are likely to just disrupt the intended layout or scroll it off to the side out of view. As much as Opera Mini behaves similar to Safari Mobile, to zoom in and out is much more a chore in Opera and I find myself just staying zoomed in and therefore losing any ads in the peripheral.

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