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Maybe we are truly approaching the year of mobile. Maybe we’re not. Maybe we should just stop trying to label these things and stick to the facts. According to comScore you can add a piece of data to the mix that shows growth in the access of local information using mobile devices which will warm the hearts of app developers everywhere.

The 51% spike in users seeking to gather local information is broken out across the following platforms


comScore’s senior VP Serge Matta comments

“Given the explosion in application stores and associated marketing efforts, along with the growth in mobile phones using faster data networks, it would not be surprising within the next six months to see the number of people using downloadable applications surpass SMS for the accessing of local information via mobile devices.”

Hard to argue with that one considering the slim lead that that SMS currently has over the downloadable application category.

Once you get into the local search conversation you know that the Yellow Page folks aren’t too far away. AT&T is expanding their offering while the rest of the yellow page providers including Idearc, R.H. Donnelly and Yellowbook are putting together their own deals by all offering iPhone applications recently. I am always curious as to how the jump from print to online for this embattled group is going to play out. Sure, they can all come up with apps but will people use them considering their view of the offline products? Not to mention both Idearc and RH Donnelly are in Chapter 11. Deborah Eldred, Director, Mobile and Personalization for R.H. Donnelley has her take

“We have the content to provide customers with the most relevant and up-to-date information to meet their needs while they are on the go. In fact, we have seen a significant increase in queries specific to visiting a local establishment, as people are looking for information about where to eat and what to do when they are out and about. They look to a trusted brand to provide the confidence that consumers need in that information. Our multiple mobile content areas, from maps and directions to restaurant recommendations, help give consumers access via the means most convenient to them.”

Who will come out on top of this heap remains to be seen. With all the innovation that is occurring the hope is that someone will step in to truly kick off the “Year of Mobile” rather than rehash the tired talk of old school techniques trying to get themselves off business life support. Where’s the future for local / mobile Pilgrims?

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  • As technology improves, there may be a convergence of how there data streams end up in the consumers’ hands. Whether it is SMS or a smart phone application, we may see both playing nicely. More importantly, as more WiFi systems are used, the connectivity or an SMS system (through cell providers) may share their space with devices like the iTouch.

    Companies like Zingr Communications have already built applications that understand how you’re connected (by SMS, or a login on Facebook) and manages the flow of data accordingly.

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