Posted June 12, 2009 4:10 pm by with 2 comments

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All your hours are belong to us: YouTube announced yesterday that it has joined Facebook Connect. The integration between the two sites is more than just the typical FB connect partnership, which allows FB members to link their profiles to comments on participating sites. On the Facebook Developer blog, program manager Josh Elman says:

When logged into Facebook and YouTube, users can now automatically publish and share the videos they upload to YouTube directly to Facebook.

YouTube isn’t the first video site to integrate with Facebook. According to AllFacebook, Joost has been in a partnership with Facebook Connect since December and has seen some serious benefits:

According to Facebook, Joost has also implemented Facebook Conenct and since implementing it in December, the average Facebook user has watched 30 percent more videos and has entered 15 percent more comments. The message is clear: implementing Facebook Connect on your site, tends to increase engagement across the board. Every site that has integrated with Connect has reported that overall activity has increased since launch.

Other recent announcements for Facebook Connect include integration with Xbox and Nintendo DSi.

In other news, Conan O’Brien will be hailed as a prophet in our time as soon as Twitter succumbs to the draw of the YouTube-Facebook alliance (video cued to the joke—I wouldn’t make you watch all six minutes):

  • YouTwitFace, haha! That’s bleedin’ genius!

  • I am not sure I am a fan of all these apps merging. It is good for saving time though.

    Hope Hulu will work in Canada one day.